Sunday, December 28, 2008


Is pretty much what I've been doing over the past few days. With the in-law's here I have a live-in Nanny and Housekeeper which has allowed me to do whatever I want during the days. There's been a lot of training, a few day-time naps, lots of yummy food, a few mags read, lots of computer time and even a clean up of my office together with a pile of filing that has been around for months. I'm over the "pufferfish syndrome" which resulted from enjoying quite a lot of xmas delicacies. Really enjoying the days and looking forward to spending the last 3 days of December 2008 exceptional in mind, body and spirit.

Friday, December 26, 2008


What did I get for Christmas?

* Payless shoes voucher - from Mum
* Zen desk calendar - from Sister
* Lindor balls - from eldest Son Jason
* Motivational calendar - from Sister-in-law
* Rice Cooker & Firefighter calendar - from Liz
* Champagne - from Client
* Le Grand Cirque Aerial Dreams & After Party - from Katie
* Electric Salt Grinder & Bag Red and Green Frogs - from Mum-in-law
* Peter Alexander PJ's - from Daughter Sofie
* Sparkling Manicure - from youngest son Jayden
* Favourites Chocolates - from Santa
* Napoleon Lip Lacquers, Blingy Earphones & Funny Notepad - from Nicole
* Flat Screen 24" LCD Computer Monitor - from Husband Dave
Here's some Christmas Day pics:
Christmas Eve getting ready for Santa:
Jayden opening Santa presents:

Sofie opening Santa presents:

Some sisterly/brotherly Christmas love:

Mummy and little boy at breaky:

Silly family photo at breakfast:

Me showing off:

Dave getting a shine up playing cards:

And lastly, the day ends:

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Name: Shelley Stark

Age: 36

Birthday: 23 June

Star Sign: Cancer (crab)

Occupation: Personal Trainer, Property Investor (although this one has
taken a back seat of late), Domestic Engineer

Height: 173 cm (5’ 8”)

Weight: 64 – 67 kg’s off-season, 60 kg’s on-season

Marital Status: Very happily married to Dave

Children: Jason 15, Sofie 9, Jayden 5

Pets: Mia (cat)

Favourite Colour: Black (got any blacker?)

Favourite Body Part: Eyes and shoulders

Least Favourite Body Part: Thighs and butt

Favourite Foods: Lollies, chocolate, ice-cream

Least Favourite Food: celery (of the ones I’ve tried)

Foods Never Tried: Oysters, lambs brains

Couldn’t Live Without: Husband, Children, Family, Friends, Training

Loves: Besides above feeling confident, strong and positive and in control

Hates: Being tired, being hungry, being bored (not all together), not being able to switch off my brain at times

Future Goals: - Continue to stay balanced, mindful and loving life
- Present a bigger and better overall package in May INBA Comp
- Swim 2 km Sydney Harbour in March
- Swim 1.5 km leg Mooloolaba Triathlon in March
- Be the best bridesmaid a bride could have
- Be a fabulous PT and increase my client base

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! In our house anyway. Lights up and on, presents galore under tree, egg-nog brewing in fridge together with homebaked american cheesecake made by hubby, lounge/dining room rearranged ready for lunch, turkey getting stuffed later, candycane wrappers all over the floor, kids now sleeping in our bedroom, non-stop excitement and chatter about Santa. We love Christmas! Merry Christmas all. Have a great day.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


To be standing next to Nicole as BRIDESMAID when she gets married next year. Yep, she got down on bended knee and asked me at 5.30 am this morning at the gym and of course I was delighted, honoured, excited to say yes. Funny thing is I was bending over to have a look at her knee and ask what was wrong.

Monday, December 22, 2008


3.30 am - up and at 'em after a sleepness night. Awake from 1 am to 3 am. Just doze off only to be woken by Mia (cat) scratching at our bedroom door wanting to be fed. I feed her then go back to bed. Doze off again for probably 20 minutes then wake and figure I'd get up and start the day.

4.30 am - 30 minute early morning walk/run followed by ab work.

5.30 am - train client

6.05 am - chest/biceps with Nicole then 30 minutes elliptical

7.30 am - home to find hubby had stripped all the beds and done all the washing, fed the kids, cleaned up, written a xmas food shopping list and was planning his day around mine

9 am - head back to work to train one more client

10.30 am - home, do some computer work amongst reading blogs and fitness articles

12 pm - have lunch then lie on the lounge reading the latest Oxygen magazine followed by a 1 hr snooze

1.30 pm - awoken by bladder and hunger, eat arvo tea

2.45 pm - realise I am ravenously hungry again and employ the oats and powder savour

3.15 pm - head to pool for swim training (20 laps) and afterwards feel bloody fantastic admiring my physique in my two piece speedos upon returning home

4 pm - ponder over my achievements in 2008 and think thankful thoughts for what my life is and wonder what I should blog about today

5.15 pm - hubby goes fishing in the hope he'll catch fresh fish and mudcrabs for xmas lunch and dinner, I feed the kids the slack mother dinner of party pies and sausage rolls

5.20 pm - blog

6 pm - dinner followed by a Lindor Ball before showering then retiring for the night

3 more sleeps till xmas - I can't wait!

Sunday, December 21, 2008


Last Wednesday night hubby and I flew down to do the xmas thing with our families and also pick up our kids. Silly me originally only booked cabin baggage forgetting we had to take all the presents down so had to pay another $120 at the airport in order to have our luggage checked in - derrr!! We had a lovely couple of days with our families sharing a xmas meal and opening presents. I also got to see some of my friends which was great although time was too short. It was so nice to feel great whilst away from home and put the techniques I've learnt into practice and although I didn't do as good as I had hoped I still went really well. Even managed to get a couple of walk/runs in. Couple of pics below: I've always wanted to wear a little pair of shorts so braved it whilst away and secondly hubby and I enjoying a drink at my mum's xmas dinner.

After arriving home this morning at 6.30 am it was back to business and I couldn't be happier to be back in my little comfort zone of routine.
Training today - Glute/Hamstring workout with Nicole followed by 15 mins elliptical and 15 mins incline treadmill then a short while ago swim training (14 laps).
Busy couple of days ahead before a fabulous xmas day planned.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Yesterday something extraordinary happened. I've been travelling along quite nicely, notching up the training a fraction by including a couple of swim sessions along with my usual early morning walk/jog and strength training. I've been coping with slight hunger here and there quite well but yesterday I was really really hungry. And by that I mean ravenously starving. Around 2.30pm I was crashing big time so ate my afternoon tea early and continually drinking gallons of water. At 5 pm I could wait no longer so ate dinner. Didn't even touch the sides. I stopped and asked myself was it true hunger or rather a feeling. The answer - definately hunger. 6.30 pm dessert and total calories for the day consumed. By this stage I was ready to eat the entire contents of the pantry and fridge (think chocolates and lollies) but told myself that I don't do that anymore. I asked myself what did I need to do? I immediately knew - a big bowl of oats, powder, sultanas and honey. The time was now 7.20 pm. Again at 8 pm I needed more. I had no reason to eat for the sake of it but my body was really wanting more so again another bowl of oats, powder, sultanas and honey taking my total calories to 2500, just under maintenance. So with 120 grams of oats and the accompaniments I expected the scales to rise this morning but instead they dropped again by 0.3 kg's. Obviously my metabolism was on fire! Sometimes it's better to eat more food, giving your body what it wants rather than holding out and then going ballistic. I've learnt this through experience. I still think the scales lied at 66.1 and think I'd be more like in the 65's again. Today I'm back on an evel keel and cruising.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


The graph above (thanks to hubby) trends my scale readings over the past seven weeks. This has taught me not to sweat the day to day fluctuations. Control what you can control (nutrition and training) and the rest will take of itself. Practise patience and persistence and I'm sure you'll get where you want to go.

Make NOW, Not 2009, Your BEST Year!

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3. Be clear about why you want to change: It's easy to differentiate between those people who have a clear reason for making positive changes, & those who don't. We call it the gut-wrenching reason. Those who have the most success in making positive changes, no matter how big or small, are those who have a reason that really means something to them. Whether it is a genuine health scare, the need to be a good role model for your children, or a strong desire to get more out of life, if you have a clear & strong reason, you will be more committed, & achieve more. Spend some time thinking & writing about why you want to make changes. Don't stay on the surface with reasons such as, "I want to be healthier". Ask yourself, "Why is that important to me?" Continue to ask yourself this question until you feel you have really hit the core of your motivation. If you get teary, you know you're on the right track. It means you're delving down to the real motivations for change, & that's how much it has to mean.

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Monday, December 15, 2008


Following on from last fabulous Friday. What an amazing weekend it was. After the photo shoot and organization of photos in the afternoon was a fantastic dinner at The Grove Establishment, Ashgrove with Katie and Nicole. Saturday morning Katie and I headed over to Indro Fitness First where I participated in Liz' RPM class (this time there was air con). A yummy viet rice paper rolls and chat followed then Katie and I headed home to spend the afternoon by our pool before heading for a nanna nap. We then got all glammed up and headed out with Liz, Nicole and Shannon to The Green Papaya for a beautiful vietnamese dinner ending the evening at Freestyle dessert cafe. A wonderful evening spent with great friends.

Sunday morning Katie and I headed for our first swim training session (10 x 50 mtr laps). She'll tell you the details as it was her idea. The rest of the day was again spent lazing and chatting by our pool before taking her back to the airport. Hubby and I went out for dinner and dessert again last night which ended a fabulous long weekend (our kids were put on a plane to our home town last Thursday so we've been responsibility free until this Wednesday night when we head down ourselves for xmas with our families).

Needless to say the scales are up a kilo this morning, as expected, which means jack shit anyway. I expect a downwards movement in the next couple of days.

Training today: 40 minute early morning walk/run, not long ago trained chest, biceps and posing in my garage (help - I can't feel my arms now) and when hubby arrives home this evening we're heading for my 2nd swim training session (this time 12 laps).

Feeling: The weekend was everything I wanted and more. I lived in the moment and behaved moderately and balanced. The new and improved Shelley has now been unleashed and is living the life she's always imagined. Looking forward to each and every day and the opportunities it brings.

Friday, December 12, 2008


What a fabulous fabulous day. I'm so pleased with the photos but more importantly happy with how I feel. Just arrived home from a wonderful dinner and quickly posting some photos before heading to bed. Thanks must go to Gym Funky for supplying me with these gorgeous outfits. Photos courtesy of none other than Katie P.

Thursday, December 11, 2008


Scale weight = 65.9 kg

Training = 30 minute early morning walk only today

Feeling = excited, yet nervous! Eagerly awaiting tomorrow's photo shoot but more importantly spending the next few days with my gorgeous girlfriends whom have been a helping hand in my strength over the past months. This morning when I stepped on the scales I looked in the mirror and just started laughing when the number appeared. I got my 5 afterall. And really what's 900 grams in the scheme of things. I've managed to shed a total of 7.6 kilos in the past 7 weeks. Now, if this was one of my clients I'd tell them to reach around and give themselves a big pat on the back or go to the nearest person for a huge hug. So, to myself, Congratulations Shelley - awesome achievement! Not only on the weight side of things have I improved. More importantly to me is the way in which I've gone about it, learning each and every day, practicing balance, moderation and mindfulness. Not one day in the past 7 weeks has gone by where I haven't eaten one of my favourite foods (lollies, chocolate, ice-cream). It has proved to me that I don't have to be "perfect" as my personality dictates. Sure, there's a place and time for some for strict dieting, perhaps leading into competition, but for most people who want to live lean everyday and enjoy life "balance" is what matters most! This chicky is continuing to eat "something" every day for rest of my life. Today it's red frogs, chocolate paddle pop and caramel slice (you bet ya I'm carbing up for tomorrow).

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Scale weight = 66.4 kg (yep - got the drop I expected)

Training = 30 min early morning walk, supposed to be posterior chain training, did 4 sets of deadlifts then got a bit sidetracked. Was lost without my training partner Nicole this morning. Ended up doing lying hamstring curls supersetted with single leg deadlifts, squats and overhead presses, preacher curls and tricep pushups, woodchops, pullthroughs, ab and core work. Not in this order but a great workout all the same. Finished off with a light jog for 15 minutes then called it a day.

Feeling = really really really good. I like the way I look. Am conscious of the fact that this is not the end but rather the beginning of a happier, leaner me. When I competed I got there and threw my hands in the air thinking it was the end but this photo shoot was just a means to get where I want to go only this time I'll keep going. A little more body fat to drop then maintaining over xmas and the new year period before preparing for May.

Today is a busy busy day. Just about to head to work to train 4 clients then off to see Jeanelle before going for the full hair treatment - cut, colour, blowdry then eyebrow wax and tint then finally coming home for dinner and collapsing into bed I suspect. I've got my handy little red esky bag packed and ready to roll. Right let's get to it!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Weight - 67.3 kg

Training - 30 minute early morning walk/jog, cracking chest & shoulder session with Liz. I was really happy with my training today and could see I'm continuing to improve all round. My front delts are feeling very fatigued right now. Bring on those sexy shoulders!

Although the scales indicated a small increase today I can feel a drop coming on. I look leaner, I feel leaner, I am leaner!

I love Christmas and the surprises this time of year brings. I have enjoyed immensely shopping for my special friends this year and can't wait to give presents. Although I love getting presents myself I get real joy out of giving. Today, I surprised Liz with an early xmas present. I'll let her tell you what it was but let's just say I'm bringing out the rebel in her! It looks fab!

Monday, December 8, 2008


Scale weight = 67.1 kg

Training = cracking early morning interval treadmill run for 30 minutes, this arvo shoulders and core with Nicole then walk

Feeling = HOT right now. Looked in the mirror and liked what I saw. Of course, there's always room for improvement but nice to finally be happy with my physique again. Not concerned with what the scales are saying. Will probably get into the 66's before Friday but it's not the be all end all not reaching 65 (my goal). I've done as much as I can with be stupid all of the time so what will be will be. And besides 6.5 kg's in just over 6 weeks is a bloody good effort.

PS Am I dining alone on Saturday night? No-one's rsvp'd yet. Me the planner wants to make sure they've got room for us all - it's a pretty popular joint apparently.

Saturday, December 6, 2008


Feeling fantastic and back to my normal again. A few days of higher calories and extra starchy carbs has me feeling awesome again.

I had the pleasure of having Carolyn come stay with me last night. It was wonderful to catch up with her in person again having not seen her since our comp in May. Of course we've spoken on the phone but seeing someone in person again is wonderful. She's looking smashing and I was drooling over her biceps. We got to share some secrets and stories over one my famous burgers and I introduced her to Mr Baskin. I asked her to describe in detail the flavour of her choice, one which I'm yet to try, so this week it'll be on my "to do" list.

This morning we both, together with one of my partners in crime Nicole, headed over to get smashed in Liz' rpm class, where I also got to meet the gorgeous Fern. It was an awesome class followed afterwards with scrumy vietnamese prawn rice paper rolls with Doris, Lisa and Steph.

I haven't been on the scales for a few days but will get back on again tomorrow. Training has been awesome. I'm really excited about the photo shoot this Friday and also getting to see one of my other partners in crime Katie who's arriving Thursday night.

This Saturday night the girls are having a night out. It's an open invitation and details are below. Please leave a rsvp comment so I can make sure we've got a big enough table booked.

Where: Green Papaya Vietnamese Restaurant, East Brisbane
Time: 7 pm
Dress: Essential frock and heels
BYO bottled wine only (or vodka and lime if you're me!)

Friday, December 5, 2008


For the past couple of days I've been pondering on this question:

On one side of the coin there's "Athlete Shelley" wanting to be a high achiever, goal setter and getter, successful.

On the other side there's "Everyday Shelley" being balanced, mindful, moderate, living lean, loving life, having fun, enjoying the journey.

And I ask myself can I be both at the same time?

As "D" day was getting closer I got spooked and freaked by the numbers and scared of "not making it" and started doing stupid shit like increasing my training and dropping calories. Smart move Shelley - NOT! But upon reassessing my situation I realised that when the journey ceases to be enjoyable then I had taken a wrong turn. Would it matter if the number was 1 or 2 higher? Of course not. Would it matter if it took another week or 2 to reach it? Agan, of course not. Honestly, I don't really care what the number is but just know that at 65 kg I look good, feel good, can fit into my favourite jeans and other clothes, and is my "happy weight".

I looked back on what I have achieved. I've shed (notice I didn't say "LOST". What happens when you lose something? You go looking for it right) nearly 5.5 kg's in 6 weeks whilst being mindful and enjoying everything in moderation, eating Baskin Robbins icecream and other favourite foods on a daily basis. Practiced positive self talk. Have not had a 'blow out' in all that time. Inspired others to battle on with their dreams and goals. This is what my life is about.

Of course I've still been training hard but have cut back the duration. I've increased my energy intake again to a more acceptable level for me to one which I know can still drop but perhaps a little slower. I will still achieve what I set out to do however I've taken the pressure off and getting there in a much safer fashion.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Scale weight = down 0.1 to 67.4 kg (silly bitch)

Training = 6 x 30/90 elliptical intervals early morning, later chest & pushing shoulders with Liz

Feeling = To put it bluntly - F@#ked with a capital "F". I've turned into a flat, carb depleted, fuzzy headed zombie barely making it through the days. I've been crazily chasing a number. Today I ask myself "WHY"? Is feeling like this worth my quality of life. Pushing my body to its limit consuming less calories than what I'm burning through exercise let alone just breathing and doing normal daily activities just waiting for my body to shut down and collapse. Stupid, stupid girl. I was so tired yesterday afternoon after picking my daughter up from school I had to have a nap then of course I couldn't get to sleep last night. Got back up again and sitting with hubby knew I needed starchy's but wanted to get into the 66's this morning. I finally got to sleep later than usual only to be woken at 1 am and lay awake till just after 3 am. Turned my alarm off and secretly hoped I'd sleep through and wouldn't wake to go train my two early morning clients. But not so. Woke again at 4.12 am. Got ready, headed to gym and did a HIIT session forcing my body further into the ground. My head is spacey. I look like shit. Enough is enough. Wake up to yourself Shelley. You cannot continue like this. You'll end up dead! On that note I'm off to have a HUGE bowl of oats, powder, honey, banana and sultanas. Disclaimer - this is not indicative of individual persons results.

Monday, December 1, 2008


Scale weight = up 0.3 to 69.5 kg (rebound)

Training = 30 min early morning hill walk/jog, back with a little bit of bi's + 12 mins elliptical, afternoon walk planned

Feeling = busy busy busy, so much to do, so little time to do it in.

Sunday, November 30, 2008


Scale weight = down 0.4 to 67.2 kg (interesting!)

Training = 60 min early morning walk, heading off to do a Bootycamp style workout with Nicole a bit later.

The past couple of afternoons, when needing to clear my head and rejuvinate some energy, I've been going for another walk. This could be helping with my drops each morning.

Feeling = "Lordy Lordy Lordy I can't help it I like to party, it's genetic, it's electrifying, wind me up and watch me go, where she stops nobody knows, it's a good excuse to be a bad influence on you." (Bad Influence - Pink Funhouse)

Melancholy had set in over the past day or two and a phone call from one of my best friends in Singleton (Hi Mel) sealed it. There was only one thing to do. So, last night, a delicious meal of garlic and coriander prawns, capsicum, eggplant and basmati rice and 4 vodkas later (yes Kek I broke the drought) I was feeling relaxed and happy. Hubby and I talked and laughed with some music in the background just like "old times". When I made one negative comment he was quick to reframe it with "you're a highly focussed LMFM (work that one out)".

Even gave last week's ebay purchase a whirl. That's the extravert in me!

Saturday, November 29, 2008


Scale weight = down 0.6 to 67.6 kg (I see a "5")

Training = 75 min early morning walk

Feeling = After an emotional day yesterday and feeling quite low and questioning myself, my life and what I'm doing I'm feeling much better today. Some retail therapy was in order and yesterday I bought myself a couple of dresses for the upcoming festivities. I also noticed yesterday that my legs were looking leaner and today I'm wearing my 2nd favourite pair of jeans. The favourite is still an inch away from being done up. And again today more retail therapy with a trip to "Gym Funky" to check out another new range "BlueFish Sport".

To celebrate the launching of BlueFish in Australia, Gym Funky has a great offer for ONE DAY ONLY.

Today, Saturday 29th November 2008, Purchase over $150 online, or at the North Lakes store, and they'll give you a $30 gift voucher that you can either give to a friend for Christmas, or use it yourself at a later date.

Why not purchase a $150 gift certificate, and they’ll send you a gift certificate to the value of $180 instead. Also, don’t forget, from now until Christmas Eve, they have Free Shipping on all internet sales.

Friday, November 28, 2008


Scale weight = same at 68.2 kg (down 1.4 kg since last Friday, grand total = 5.3 kg in 5 weeks, 2 weeks to go to reach goal of 65, reckon I can do it?)

Training = 30 min early morning hill walk/run, chest later on. Liz' little miss is sick so I'm going to train in my garage after taking kids to school. Might have another walk later on)

Feeling = For the first time since moving to Brisbane in May 2007 I feel a little homesick after my sister sent me some photos of our family home in Singleton after she had done some repainting of the bamboo around our pool. We bought our block of land, did some excavation and had our dream home built. And not long before we left had our very first pool put in. Hubby and I spent many many hours building retaining walls, paving, and creating a fabulous outdoor entertaining area of which many a party was had including my 30th and his 40th. It was our little piece of paradise in a bushland setting. I have many fond memories of "The Glade" and although I LOVE Brisbane and say I'm never going home the photos did make me miss it and reflect on how much my life has changed.

Thursday, November 27, 2008


Scale weight = down 0.4 to 68.2 kg (you go girlfriend!)

Training = 20 minutes circuit style

Feeling = A little lightheaded but nothing that an 80 gram bowl of oats and protein powder couldn't fix. Other than that all good. Was briefly a little worried this morning to see that I am still dropping. Hoping there's no muscle loss along with the fat. Not going to complicate it and put too much thought into it. Just keep going!

I’ve been thinking about Deb’s post on “What matters most is how you see yourself”.

This is quite often an overlooked aspect to achieving our goals. It’s our self image. If our self image isn’t in line with our goals, our goals will not be achieved. If our self image supports our goals, goals become much easier to achieve. If our self image is in conflict with what we want to achieve then we will not achieve any long-term success with our desired goal.

Our minds are our most powerful asset. We subconsciously perform actions that will support our identity. Yet most people (myself included) allow their minds to be their greatest barrier. People who live remarkable lives and achieve extraordinary things think differently than people who lead average lives. Take Arnold Schwarzenegger for example. He won 7 Mr Olympia titles by believing in himself and having a positive attitude.

We can condition our brains for greater success and this is the “secret” to achieving our potential. We can train our brain to think bigger and more creatively, just like we can condition our muscles to grow bigger and become stronger.

When I started seeing Jeanelle I had to write out my “old” rules and my “new” rules. Yesterday we backtracked and went through them again. I was able to confidently tick off 5 out of 7 as being practiced and now my “normal”.

Do you have limiting beliefs about your abilities? If so, write out what the beliefs should be to truly be an accurate representation of your abilities.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Scale weight = down 0.5 to 68.6 kg (Do I feel lucky - well do ya punk?)

Training = 25 min early morning walk/jog followed by awesome arm assault (biceps/triceps) with Nicole then 20 min elliptical workout.

Feeling = Absolutely bloody amazing!

My alarm went off at 4:02 am today, but I didn't really need the alarm. In fact, I had woken up about 3:45 or so with pretty good energy and hopped out of bed at 4:15.

Why? Well, I've got a mission. And I've got a deadline.

This mission? To help as many people as possible enjoy the vast benefits of training hard and with intensity however today wasn't about my clients. It was about me and my training. Wednesday morning is the only morning I don't train others but train myself with Nicole's help and encouragement and that extra push that we don't often give ourselves. I have to make mention here of how hard Nicole is training. Her poor body is continually sore with doms. She's being consistent with her nutrition. Only hiccup - god damn piece of metal is not cooperating BUT she's sticking with it and deadset gonna smash them to pieces very soon.

Deadline? Well, the mission has emerged out of a desire to better myself. A powerful mission along with my motivation to live lean and love life (quote "Liz") seemed to get the job done in lighting a very hot fire under my butt.

What I've found in the last four weeks is an amazing ability to cut through the crap and make choices in a few moments that I had been dilly-dallying with for months and months since competing in May.

Having a clear goal (matched with my personal mission and beliefs) and a deadline seems to be the perfect ignition for lighting that fire within.

We have a fabulous morning crowd at our gym (Genesis Windsor). Everyone talks to everyone and it's a really welcoming and encouraging approach to training. In the coming weeks I'm going to take my camera and take some photos of the fantastic atmosphere we have created.

As Clint Eastwood would say "ask yourself one question". What's your mission? And how can you apply a deadline to it?

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


This is why men don't design Christmas wrapping paper:

AND, this is why they don't let men design Christmas cards.


Scale weight = down 0.4 to 69.1 kg (good to go now)

Training = 35 min early morning walk, back with Liz

Feeling = On an even keel today. Got a little tired this arvo and needed a nap which only made me feel worse upon waking in a hot and muggy room but a couple of litres of water later and a chat with Katie I'm now feeling good again.

Whilst sitting at tae kwon do waiting for the kids this arvo I got thinking:

Some of you know my husband, many don't. I met him whilst working at Howick Coal mine in the Hunter Valley as a "Maintenance Planner" nearly 12 years ago. At that time I was divorced and a single mother. I was immediately attracted to him and one drunken night out with our group of friends we hooked up. I won't go into details but our life together progressed from that night. We got married and had two beautiful children together. I consider him to be my soul mate. Not only are we lovers but also best friends. He is my number one supporter and fan. He lifts me up when I'm feeling down and comforts me when I need to cry. He gets excited when I do and understands when I don't want to go out or need time out. He follows my journey each day checking my scale weight note book and last weekend produced a graph showing the trend of my weight loss. Based on his calculations I will reach 66 by "D" day. When I told him I wanted to get to 65 he jokingly said "well you need to work harder". I jokingly told him to piss off. Each time I'm heading out to train he tells me to "have a go". He is so supportive of everything I do and want to do. He regularly brings me home flowers. He takes over with the children and chores of a night when I am completely exhausted and looks after the kids most of the weekend. He also cooks and cleans. I would be so lost without him and think I am the luckiest woman to have found such a fantastic husband and father. He is my one true constant in my life and I love him with all my heart.

Monday, November 24, 2008


Scale weight = down 1.8 to 69.5 kg (magic!)

Training = 30 min early morning walk, shoulders/abs & walk with Nicole coming up this arvo

Feeling = hmmm, let's see. Was feeling great, especially excited about below but now feeling a little cranky with myself over another matter which I'm in the process of sorting out.

Now, I'm so excited. I had a meeting today with the owner of a new, exciting and funky range of gym clothing hitting Australia. After viewing the range and of course trying some of the lines on I'm thrilled to announce that "Gym Funky" will be sponsoring me and supplying some outfits for my up and coming photo shoot.

Check out their website "Gym Funky" You can order online Australia wide and overseas. The fabric used is supplex and you should see how great it holds you in! Tell them Shelley sent you.

Sunday, November 23, 2008


At training this morning with Nicole my shoulders were looking mighty fine and full so being the dags we are decided to take some pics:



Scale weight = down 0.4 to 69.1 kg

Training = rpm


Scale weight = up 2.2 to 71.3 kg (do I look worried? Nuh)

Training = 90 minute early morning walk, heading off soon to train chest & biceps with Nicole plus a little cardio

Feeling = So much better now. The past few days had been really really hungry, exhaustive ones and I was beginning to get closer to eating the entire contents of the pantry and fridge. I nearly chewed my arm off Friday night but settled for Gourmet Nutrition pre-bed snack. I came up with a plan, which I ran past Coach, and got the nod to execute so yesterday was a much higher day calorie wise (close to maintenance calories) with the majority of them (I estimate 70%) coming from carbs. Mostly clean ones but couldn't let a day go by without a few lollies and squares of chocolate for good measure. Needless to say my muscles are now fully loaded with glycogen hence the higher scale reading this morning. The beauty this morning was that I understand and now believe that it's not fat and can watch the number reduce over the coming days as my glycogen stores deplete again. With just under 3 weeks till "D" day I'm confident of "bringing it home". Yesterday's reprieve was just what I needed.

Friday, November 21, 2008


Scale weight = up 0.4 to 69.6 kg (total for week = down 0.8, grand total = 3.9 in 4 weeks)

Training = 30 minutes cardio intervals, Legs & biceps with Liz

Feeling = very tired and really needing to rest and sleep but tried to have an arvo nap this arvo but just couldn't get there. I'm planning on having a day or two off next week. I'm sore in the triceps and hamstrings which is probably contributing to the scale raise this morning. Today's leg session was focussed on my posterior chain, namely glutes and hamstrings, incorporating deadlifts, glute/hamstring hyperextensions and then the hardest exercise I think I've ever done. See below. I did however manage to get revenge when I told Liz to have a go and when she got to 3, I said "2 more", then I said "I lied another one". I'm secretly hoping she's hamstring doms tomorrow to even up the quad doms she's got today. All in the name of friendship right!

Thursday, November 20, 2008


Scale weight = down 0.3 to 69.2 kg

Training = 30 min early morning walk then 45 min metabolic workout with Nicole

Feeling - much much better after losing it last night and getting unnecessarily angry over reading something. I was very very tired and extremely hungry all day yesterday and knew I needed some carbs but needed someone else (Liz) to tell me to do so. So, after a big 80 gram bowl of the old trusty oats and protein powder, which by the way didn't even touch the sides, decided to head to bed at 7.30 pm rather than stay up thinking about my hunger and tiredness and continue to be pissed off.

This morning upon heading to the gym at 4.30 am got just about there to find the road closed due to the creek rising up over the road. Apparently we had another storm last night, which I slept through. There is devastation, debris, flooding everywhere however we were lucky with only the neighbours tree falling down on our fence and clothes line. Watching the news is really upsetting hearing about the damage and people losing their lives. Another storm is predicted tonight so fingers crossed we continue to stay out of trouble.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Scale weight = up 0.3 to 69.5 kg (liar liar pants on fire)

Training = 30 min early morning walk then amazing back & tricep workout with Nicole followed by 25 min elliptical workout.

Feeling = amazingly fabulous. Having a wonderful wonderful day. Don't really know why although my training this morning absolutely rocked and I'm still feeling high on the endorphins.

It occured to me today that I've gained the knowledge of a winning formula. Training hard and with purpose making each and every session count, eating to fuel my body with a balance of carbs, protein and fats and enjoying "my things" in moderation and being mindful whilst doing so. Sleeping deeply and waking on my accord without an alarm. Incorporating some relaxation protocols, stretching and foam roller release for recovery purposes but most of all practicing patience, persistence and consistency and not allowing the scales to dictate how I feel but rather seeing them for what they are - one indicator of progress not always telling the truth. I've known this for a while but never really grouped them altogether. A win for me!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Scale weight = down 0.4 to 69.2 kgs (down and down and down she goes where she stops nobody knows)

Training = 25 min early morning walk, Legs & core with Liz at lunchtime followed by my favourite post workout meal of 80 grams oats and protein powder

Feeling = Great all round

Nice easy day with not too much to do so just plodding along this arvo finding things to do.

Monday, November 17, 2008


Scale weight = down 0.3 to 69.6 kg (here we go)

Training = 30 minute early morning walk, shoulders & abs

Feeling = Mentally fantastic. Physically fatigued in the shoulders understandibly after this morning's shoulder toasting. Grow, grow, grow!

Last nights storm had the power out at my gym this morning so I took my 5.30 am client for a walk to the park then did a crazy arsed cardio session with her. I don't think she was liking me too much. The gym put a sign up not letting anyone in due to no power so I couldn't train my next client so came home and trained in my shoulders in my garage. Hubby came down to find out what all the grunting and groaning was about!

On a funny note hubby decided over the weekend that we all needed worming and had bought combantrin. I advised him that doing this meant all the bed linen need washing and told him he had to do it since it was his idea and so he did. I wondered how to log the 7 squares of chocolate I ate last night (hehehe).

Today I'm doing a paleo day but still having a skinny cow after dinner. I noticed in the mirror at the gym this mirror that my pants are getting baggy however I'm still unable to go down a size in pants but it's all good and means I'm getting there. My shoulders and abs are even more visible today and I think I may have even seen some lines in my legs. So can't wait for the bottom half to come into line.

Sunday, November 16, 2008


Scale weight = down 0.1 kg to 69.9 kg (finally!)

Training = 70 minute early mornin walk, just finished Chest & Biceps with Nicole plus 30 minutes of Katie's treadmill incline intervals.

Feeling = Really happy to finally see a 6 again on the scales. I know I can do this. Easy peasy japanesy.

Negatively I'm sick of waking at 4 am each morning. Weekdays it doesn't bother me but weekends I'd really like to be able to sleep in. Positively at least I have time to go for an early morning walk to start the day off great. Heading out for a couple of hours soon to take the kids (I have my sister's two boys aged 5 and 7 here for a mini holiday (they live in my home town of Singleton and this was their first unaccompanied flight)) to Little TiGrrs play centre whilst I sit and read the latest Women's Health & Fitness mag.

Saturday, November 15, 2008


Scale weight = down 0.4 (Bitch!) For the first time I'm revealing my weight. Today sitting at 70 kg flat. My goal is to get to 65 kg for this photo shoot. This is 3 kg's above my comp weight however realistically it was probably more like 60.5 or 61 kg as I'd ingested a whole shit load of carbs in the previous couple of days. I'm very carb tolerant and deplete quite quickly and was very flat coming into the day hence my feeds of potato wedges, rice cakes and honey, lolly snakes, paddle pops, etc. I have very fond memories of Liz cooking me potato wedgies with tomato sauce whilst she got to see all my "bits" whilst tanning for the first of no doubt many times (LOL).

Training = Early morning 1 hour walk. This is where my title comes from. I love nothing more than walking with my ipod, having some me time and thinking through my thoughts. This is more for relaxation than exercise purposes. Then, caned Liz' Hi-Performance RPM class. Also got to sit next to Lisa Stokes which was a treat. With her sitting next to me I kept telling myself strong mind, strong legs. As I've not been a regular participant of late I always get nervous and scared as to how I'll get through but when it's all done and dusted a sense of accomplishment, achivement and euphoria set in and I have a fantastic Saturday. I do sometimes need an afternoon nap though.

Feeling = Bloody unreal. Enjoying the calmness I feel today after a hectic week.

I was really hoping for a 69er on the scales this morning. Since she didn't come through for me I'm gonna get it one way or another (hehehe - too much information!)

To make Tara smile - I had a dream early this morning. You got busted, big time, having an affair with my husband. You and me are gonna have words (LOL).

Friday, November 14, 2008


Scale weight = up 0.3 (Ahh you Fuckers!), Total for week = down 0.7 kg, Grand Total = 3.1 kgs in 3 weeks gooorrrrnnnneeee)

Training = 4.30 am 40 mins Shelley's crazy shit intervals, 11 am back & triceps with Liz

Feeling = On the scale front not concerned at all. In actual fact I know that I've dropped more than they are indicating at the moment and this morning's rise was due to a lot of salt adding, a little bit of pizza, cookies and peanut m&m's last night.

Being a perfectionistic kind of person has me this week confused, upset and angry at myself. Just when I think I have got my shit together and doing fantastically I have the old mad monkey on my shoulder encouraging and enticing me to indulge in another form of bad behaviour. I must keep reminding myself that I can be whatever type of person I choose to be. My habits, my behaviours, my responses, are all my choice.

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Scale weight = down 0.4 (Yee hah!)

Training = 5 am - 20 min treadmill walk, 6.10 am - 10 x 30/30 bike intervals, 15 mins elliptical, 10 mins tready walk, 8.30 am - biceps

Feeling = Getting lean, can see it in my abs. Not stressed but always rushing and something to do. Looking forward to weekend for the world to slow down.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008



Scale weight = up 0.2 kg (You're such a liar!)

Training = Chest & biceps with Liz, yep we're working on me getting bigger guns! Then 10 x 20/40 rowing intervals. Cardio cut short to eat and chat with Liz since she didn't have another client for an hour.

Feeling = Great


Scale weight = down 0.5 kg (Thank you)

Training = Legs with Nicole then 30/30 bike intervals x 10, 5 mins stairmaster, 10 mins elliptical

Feeling = Fantastic after awesome workout but now a little drained mentally after emotional session with Jeanelle discussing my self beliefs and being "perfect". I've some thinking to do over the next week and hopefully some change to happen also.

Monday, November 10, 2008


Scale weight = up 0.1 kg (Oh, so we're going to play games again are we? Fine with me!)

Training = nothing yet but later on this arvo shoulders/abs with Nicole plus a run/walk afterwards

Feeling = OK, woke from a deep sleep this morning with a foul headache, popped a couple of panadol at breaky time. Feeling tired after a busy morning at work. Just about to have lunch then head for a snooze so will hopefully feel better for the afternoon rush.

Sunday, November 9, 2008


Scale weight = up 0.1 kg (Nice!)

Training = early morning 1hr walk then mid morning absolutely awesome back and triceps workout with Nicole followed by 15 mins elliptical, 15 mins treadmill walking, stretch, foam roller release, sauna.

Feeling = Absolutely amazing. Gobsmacked at my back. Confident that I've broken through my last number barrier with the scales. As they only rose 0.1 kg I'm definately at the next number. Bloody strong today at training.

I remember once reading a post of Katie's detailing her morning ritual. As I do every morning, rise and head straight down the stairs holding onto the handrail with my eyes half closed feeling my abs (fat) listening to the creak in my knees and thinking if there's any pain. Head straight to the laundry, feed cat (Mrs Mia Wallace), head to my bathroom, loo stop, step on scales, read the number, make comment, brush teeth, wash face, etc, loo stop again then step on scales again (I can usually get another 0.1 kg by doing this and I'm taking every 1 I can get). This morning I felt my abs again then looked in the mirror and seen a very faint outline of my abs. This is the first time I've noticed the middle blocks so I took a photo on my phone (not very clear so look hard):

Then I emailed Nicole to take her camera to the gym to get a back double bicep shot (hmmm, really need to build bigger biceps):

And also one of me and my beloved red frogs:

I'm off now to wax, shave and get shuper shexy for hubby's return this arvo then walking up to Baskin Robbins for the usual Sunday afternoon tea.

Oh, and almost forgot. I emailed Jo Rogers last night about a new bikini. Getting the ball rolling!

Saturday, November 8, 2008



Scale weight - down 0.1 kg (Total for week down 0.6) (Grand total 2.4 in 2 weeks)

Training - 1 hr walk in morning, lunchtime legs with Liz (squats, full deadlifts, lunges)

Feeling - A little under pressure and a little bit stressed. 6.1 kilos in 5 weeks to go scares me. Know that I have been doing everything right and had to be reminded by Coach that scale weight is not linear.


Scale weight - down 0.5 kg (Yes!!! Now that's more like it)

Training - Took an unplanned rest day due to knee pain indicating they need a break. Had to ditch RPM - boo hoo!

Feeling - Relieved. 5.6 kg's in 5 weeks seems much more doable. Looking at myself in the mirror and thinking that I'm looker better, leaner, even OK then I receive by email photos I had Nicole take last night and realise that photos tell the true story and that I still have a way to go. I see just how much fat my arse holds but can at least laugh about it.

Although I backed out of RPM this morning I still headed over to Indro for morning tea with Liz and kiddies and Tara, Rob and their kiddies. It was great to catch up again with Tara with some interesting conversation being had (wink wink). My hubby has taken our children away to visit an Aunty in Moree before Christmas. I didn't want to go (read step outside my comfort zone or routine) so am batching for the weekend and as much as I love my family I'm sooooo enjoying having the whole weekend to myself. Last night after helping Nicole out with a boxing session she came over to my house for dinner and we enjoyed a homecooked Thai Tom Yum fish, prawns and lots of veges followed of course by our skinny cows. There was lots of girly gossip going on.

As you may have guessed from the title today I'm having a paleo day and eating like a cavewoman. I'd been considering having one for a few days now but just couldn't bring myself to have one when I thought I HAD to. Now, because I'm feeling more relaxed again I'm doing it because I WANT to and enjoying lots and lots of veges, prawns, fish and even one of my hamburger patties. Big banana prawns were on special yesterday for $12 a kilo so of course I bought a whole kilo all for myself. And even though today is paleo I'm still having one of "my things" tonight; that being crunchy caramel lindt chocolate. As Jeanelle says "having nothing is just as bad as a binge".

Thursday, November 6, 2008


Scale weight = up 0.1 kg ("C'mon baby, give it to me. You know you want to")

Training = Elliptical 30:30 intervals x 10

Feeling = Nothing jumps out today. Slightly tired but nowhere near exhausted like the usual Thursday. Not overly excited today about anything. Just plodding along today.

I'm going to reveal the spontaneous (stupid?) thing I did the other day. Too late now to take it back so might as well go for it. Vote for me #41 - PLEASE! And keep voting lots and lots and tell your friends to vote too!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Hamburger Heaven

Today's lunch. My God - that was gooooooddddd! And yep, drip happens!


Scale weight = down 1.2 kg ("Yeah yeah, nice work. Keep it comin'")

Training = Chiselled Chest and Buldging Bicep Workout with Nicole followed by 30 minutes Triple Play Bike workout courtesy of Liz.

Feeling - The best I have felt in a long time. Appreciating my body for where it's been, where it is now and where it is going. Actually liking what I now see in the mirror. Starting to feel sexy again (must be cause I've asked hubby to put up my pole again for some dancing). Motivated to train with purpose. Motivated to eat with balance, moderation, lifestyle and sanity in mind. Inspired by Lia's post today. Determined to get me shoulders like that!

The mail contractor just delivered a parcel for me. A lovely man and don't get me wrong I don't judge people by their size but this man is HUGE and I think a bit lonely. He always has a quick chat (tries to chat me up) when he delivers my goodies. Today he asked if he won lotto would I run away with him. I nearly pissed myself laughing and had to tell him that I love my husband more than anything and that he's my soul mate and I'm very happily married. He told me he wants a nice woman with a bum like mine. I had to stop myself from laughing and told him to join a dating agency.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Scale weight = up 0.8 kg ("I know you're swollen and hurting - me too! I'll have a bath tonight to help you")

Training = 1 hr cardio this morning, 30:90 elliptical intervals x 8 following by some other crazy spiking heart rate shit, a 10 min slow jog then 10 min walk. Lunchtimeish - MF building back/shoulders/triceps with Liz.

Feeling = on top of the world. Doing crazy spontaneous stuff which I might reveal later. A bit embarrasing now I come to think of it but done now so I'll just go with it.

My legs are still sooooooo sore so hoping they settle down soon.

Yummy prawn dinner tonight with a skinny cow for dessert.

Monday, November 3, 2008


Scale weight = up 0.3 kg ("Say hellooooooo hamstrings - you don't like it when I have doms do you?")

Training today = 1 hr powerwalk later this arvo with Nic

Feeling = excited, psyched, pumped, anxious, occupied, did I mention excited.

First up, I can hardly friggin' walk today. You know it aint gonna be good when you toss and turn with uncomfortableness during the first night after training. Squats, deadlifts, hamstring curls aren't kind to one's body after 3 weeks rest from leg training! Usually, if doms arrive, they don't land on deck till 48 hours afterwards. No so, this time, arriving in record time.

Right, today I've made the decision to compete again next year. Of course, this is today's decision, tomorrow may be a different story and 'that's my prerogative'. But for now it's all systems go! Look out!

Sunday, November 2, 2008


Scale weight = down 0.2 kg (I'm glad you appreciated the rest day yesterday)

Training today = Legs & Shoulders with Nicole followed with some moderate intensity cardio which was a bit out of the norm. Think elliptical, lunges with overhead press, crab crawls, push-ups and step-ups. Finished off with a sauna which is a change from our usual steam.

Food = I want to make mention today in the hope that I'll remember this next week and change the routine as the same thing happened last Sunday. Train, steam/sauna, head to kitchen, cook oats, sit down, eat, 1/2 way through feel sick, nauseous, dizzy, stop eating, today even lay down on cold floor. Insulin spike? Change in body temperature? I think I need to come home first then eat. I'll see how this goes next week.

Feeling = psyched after watching Arnie yesterday. That mans mental attitute is what created a winner. If you haven't seen Pumping Iron go get it. I'm also really pleased with myself for keeping my focus and staying positive even when I've felt like crap and starving hungry at different times. I've been thinking before acting and changing the way I think.

This afternoon we're taking the kids for a walk to Baskin Robbins for afternoon tea. Today I'm not choosing my flavour until I get there.

Saturday, November 1, 2008


Scale weight = down 0.3 kg (well Good Morning to you too, have a nice day!)

Training = zip, zilch, none, nada. I took everyone's advice and had a sleep in and decided to have a complete rest day. I'm still slobbing around the house in my daggy pj's and don't intend on getting out of them till late this arvo, after my arvo nap when we are heading over to a friend's housewarming party.

Feeling = much, much better. Feeling relaxed and at ease and enjoying my lazy day.

Yesterday's challenge was passed with flying colours. And I went over and above what was required. I won't bore you with the details but it's about stepping outside of my comfort zone. Strangely enough I felt liberated and free. My world gets better and better as I tackle it head on!

Didn't watch Arnie last night so will watch it tonight with my skinny cow and mars bar.

Friday, October 31, 2008


Scale weight = down 0.7 kg (So now you want to be nice to me and be my friend. Well ok, but if you turn your back on me again I'm going back to name calling).

Total for week from last Friday to today comes in at DOWN 1.8 kg's. Happy? Yes, very.

Training today = lots of little bits here and there. Bloody kookaburra's woke me at 4.13 am so I decided to get up and get ready and head to work and go for a walk/jog in the fresh morning air (15 minutes). Came home from work and tackled RPM 39 dvd this time getting through without HR troubles. (40 minutes). Organised early and back to work - walk 15 minutes on treadmill. Mid morning chest & biceps followed by 15 minutes steady elliptical.

I'm going to sleep in tomorrow morning then see how I feel. If I'm feeling good I'll go for a walk, maybe jog a bit but if tired I'll take a rest day.

Feeling = Although still quite tired and physically a bit flat (I haven't had my oats and powder post-training yet) I'm feeling quite good. Today is an important day for me on another front with working on where I want to go to. If I let it, it could be a stressful, anxious day but so far I'm feeling confident and getting through the day feeling strong and confident and relatively at ease.

I'm eating lollies and chocolate and ice-cream tonight whilst watching 2 dvd's - Pumping Iron (Arnold Schwarznegger story) and What Happens in Vegas.

Question? How much water is too much in a day with regards to kidney's coping, etc?

Thursday, October 30, 2008


Scale weight = up 0.5 kg (I told them to go f*@k themselves)

Something's going on. I have pec and lat doms, my rings are tight, I felt sick yesterday morning after breaky as per my blog, cranky for past 2 days (as Jayden (4) puts it "why are you screaming?"), came home from work this morning and jumped on spin bike to do rpm dvd and into track 4 heart palpitations causing heart rate to spike over 200 bpm. Slowed down to recover, then tried 3 times to join back in each time HR through the roof so had to abort. Yet, strangely enough my shoulders and chest look even more defined today or maybe I'm seeing what I want to see?

Training = RPM as per above. So trying to will myself to do something this arvo. But then again might have a rest day as I'm so buggered after a busy day.

Feeling = Tired, over it, sick of thinking about and preparing food all the time, sick of my fast paced life, wishing I wasn't such an organised person and control freak, hanging in there though.

Some lollies and a skinny cow sundae are ranked in today's eats.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Scale weight = down 0.1 kg

Training today = Back & triceps + triple play rower and elliptical action courtesy of the one and only taskmaster Liz. Why didn't anyone tell me to leave my gloves on for rowing? I now have really sore calluses turning into blisters. And would I be right in saying that training partner Nicole wants to tell me to "piss off" when I coach her through the cardio component? I get that feeling from the look of complete exhaustion (hehehe). Heading out for a walk and talk this arvo with a work colleague also. Slight doms in pecs.

Feeling = After training this morning I drank too much water so when breaky was piled in on top I felt really sick to the point of having to lay down for a bit and consider cancelling clients for the day and ring hubby to come home and take kids to school. Willed myself out of bed and into the shower and felt much better. Also thinking the best money spent each week is on Wednesday's when I go see Jeanelle. I feel I had a fantastic chat today and am so excited that I'm really making progress. Cheers to a brighter future with less struggles. I'm strong and confident!

Ever so slightly my shoulder definition is starting to appear. Of course this is always the first place (besides the belly) to show signs of reduced body fat but tells me no matter what the scales are doing I'm heading in the right direction.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Scale weight = up 0.3 kg.

Training today = I got ditched today by Liz as she's been brought down with dirty bugs so I trained at my gym today working chesty and bicepys then tackled the elliptical for some 30/15/30/45 sort of workout. 1st interval in heart rate over and above 100% max, same for 2nd, 3rd and 4th and this stuffed bunny had to pull the pin and stick with steady state to finish off followed by 10 mins slow tready walking on highest incline, stretch then enjoyed every single gram of my 80 grams of oats and protein powder.

Feeling = Fabulous although a little shattered at the moment. Maybe an arvo nap is in order today! I did sleep in this morning as I went to bed last night without setting my alarm. Hubby woke me at 5.10 am which is 27 minutes later than I normally rise - shit, hurried out the door with bed hair in full swing - scary!

Narna na nar nar - so what, I'm still a rock star! Yep, got me some PINK tickets. Actually got 2 lots. Saturday night first then better tickets on Friday night so I'm going Friday (dance floor/mosh pit) and selling the Saturday night ones. If you're interested shoot me a comment.

Baskin Robbins icecream is getting a whirl this arvo and I'm going to savour every lick!!

Chow baby

Monday, October 27, 2008


Scale weight = down another 0.4 kg. Yep, that's 3 days in a row they've gone down. I suspect they'll be stopping, going up slightly or at least slowing down very soon. And when that happens it'll be "whateva"! It's been just one week now since returning from holidays and cleaning up my eating so I would hope that the holiday bloat has left the building meaning we're down to the business end of the deal and are burnin' fat baby!

I was determined not to spend the rest of the day yesterday in front of the computer so after spending a bit of time by the pool, had a little nana nap then went out for a "walk and talk" with Nicole for 30 minutes.

Today is a rest day, training wise, however when a client cancelled this morning I decided to walk the 30 minutes there and back to the shops followed by some stretching and foam roller release and this arvo again will be a "walk and talk".

Feeling = Fantarstic Darling Fantarstic !!!

Today's delights include a ham, cheese, mushies and vege omelette, milo icecream again plus some lollies.

Right, gonna get my work done so I can enjoy some more pool time.

Sunday, October 26, 2008


Scale weight = down 0.5 kg

By 2.30 pm yesterday afternoon I was completely shattered, tired, hungry, flat/lightheaded. After drinking gallons of water and taking nap still no better. What did I do? The sensible thing by employing Liz' "300 not 3000 calorie" rule and consuming a bowl of oats and powder topped with yoghurt. Did the trick and I felt much better and was then able to hold out for a later than usual dinner.

Training today has been some elliptical work interspersed with medicine ball squats, plank jacks, and running man on bench followed by some steady state. All up 1 hr. Steam afterwards then stretching before enjoying a post-workout meal of oats and powder topped with yoghurt and as I put it "a little sneaky peak to get the party going" (pepsi max). One liner from Grease.

Feeling = confident, happy I'm on the right track, a little tired now but steaming always does this to me.

Other than enjoying my oats and powder and already a red frog I'll be looking forward to a milo icecream and some dark mint crisp chocolate later tonight.

Off to spend some time by the pool now. Katie - wish you were here!

Saturday, October 25, 2008


Scale weight = down 0.9 kg this morning

Yesterday's training = 1 hr moderate elliptical (recovering from sore/tight quads due to all my running/stair work last week at Lindeman), back/triceps strength session with Liz (yep, definately earnt my 80 grams of oats post-workout), lots of stretching/mobilization/activation work throughout the day. Remedial massage for recovery purposes.

Yesterday's nutrition = beautiful, yummy, healthy, nutritious food. Yes, it's true your pee really does stink after asparagus which is featured heavily these days. Finished off last night with a Curly Wurly (haven't had one of those for yonks).

Yesterday's feelings = "Bring it On!"

Training today = 15 mins moderate elliptical, some smith machine squats really focusing on drawing the pelvic floor up and squeezin' that ass, some shoulder work, 15 mins moderate elliptical, stretching/mobilization/activation work. Even got to bark a few orders at Coach Liz who performed a few sets of box squats and deadlifts and even a poke in the belly to make sure she had her abs "locked on". And she thought she was going to get away with doing box squats with just a 10 kg plate. Doubt it after what she put me through doing them! I did however let her off with a 15 kg plate but next time straight to the big boy 20 kg's.

Nutrition = gorgeous menu today featuring my favourite of oats and vanilla whey for breaky plus a red frog prior to training, tonights dinner with cousins vietnamese fish, rice and veges finished off with a couple of chicos and strawberries and creams (lollies).

Feeling = as hubby put it on my note pad "Fuckin' awesome and ready to take on the world"

Till tomorrow

Friday, October 24, 2008


Shelley's Comp Date - 12 December 2008

7 weeks away today

8.5 kilos

Watch me do this and wait and see the final product!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Here it is and I have some for sale. Will post anywhere. Email or post comment for pricing.

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Take a look at the ingredients first and then I'll tell you why we chose them and what exactly we did with them:
Wild Blueberry (1.5% anthocyanin)
Raspberry (20% allagic acid, 0.7% anthocyanins)
Acai Berry (1.5% total phenolic acids, 1% anthocyanins)
Coffee Berry (50% total phenolic acids)
Goji Berry
Pomegranate (40% ellagic acid)
Broccoli Sprout (5000 ppm sulforophane)
Spinach (700 ppm lutein)
Wasabi (20% glucosinolates)
Wild Yam (20% diosgenin)
Green Tea (95% total polyphenols, 65% total catechins, 40% EGCG)
Orange (40% vitamin C)
Passion fruit
Watermelon (1000 ppm lycopene)
While you're no doubt familiar with many of these fruits and vegetables, some might be a mystery. We based our choices on a number of factors:
• A broad spectrum of carotenoids and phytochemicals, including the prostate protective lycopene and the vision protective lutein.
• Vegetables that contain estrogen-fighting indoles.
• Vegetables that have potent cancer-fighting ability.
• The major factor in many of our choices, however, was their incredibly powerful antioxidant capabilities as measured by something called the ORAC scale.
ORAC Scale Measures Antioxidant Potency
The ORAC scale is a standardized test used by the USDA to measure the Total Antioxidant Potency of foods and nutritional supplements. The ORAC provides a precise way of measuring the power of specific foods or supplements to neutralize free radicals in the body. The term stands for "Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity, and the measurement is expressed as ORAC units per 100 grams of a given compound.
For instance, the USDA determined an "average serving of fruits AND vegetables" has an ORAC rating of between 400 and 500.
As you might guess, all fruits and vegetables aren't created equal. Some, like coffee berry, acai berry, and goji berry, while not exactly household commodities, are off the chart on the ORAC scale.
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Actually, it's not implausible at all. Each of the ingredients in Biotest's Superfood is freeze dried.
Freeze drying is a process by which nothing but the water is removed from the fruits and vegetables. Each product is individually quick frozen so all water turns to solid ice. It's then subjected to warm temperature and a vacuum so that the water turns to vapor and is essentially sucked out of the fruit or vegetable, leaving everything intact.
That means the pigments and phytochemicals have been well preserved. The product retains the identical phytochemical content, enzymatic activity, and bioactivity of fresh products. Furthermore, freeze-dried products have the longest ambient shelf life of any known drying process.
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