Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Scale weight = down 0.1 kg

Training today = Back & triceps + triple play rower and elliptical action courtesy of the one and only taskmaster Liz. Why didn't anyone tell me to leave my gloves on for rowing? I now have really sore calluses turning into blisters. And would I be right in saying that training partner Nicole wants to tell me to "piss off" when I coach her through the cardio component? I get that feeling from the look of complete exhaustion (hehehe). Heading out for a walk and talk this arvo with a work colleague also. Slight doms in pecs.

Feeling = After training this morning I drank too much water so when breaky was piled in on top I felt really sick to the point of having to lay down for a bit and consider cancelling clients for the day and ring hubby to come home and take kids to school. Willed myself out of bed and into the shower and felt much better. Also thinking the best money spent each week is on Wednesday's when I go see Jeanelle. I feel I had a fantastic chat today and am so excited that I'm really making progress. Cheers to a brighter future with less struggles. I'm strong and confident!

Ever so slightly my shoulder definition is starting to appear. Of course this is always the first place (besides the belly) to show signs of reduced body fat but tells me no matter what the scales are doing I'm heading in the right direction.