Friday, December 26, 2008


What did I get for Christmas?

* Payless shoes voucher - from Mum
* Zen desk calendar - from Sister
* Lindor balls - from eldest Son Jason
* Motivational calendar - from Sister-in-law
* Rice Cooker & Firefighter calendar - from Liz
* Champagne - from Client
* Le Grand Cirque Aerial Dreams & After Party - from Katie
* Electric Salt Grinder & Bag Red and Green Frogs - from Mum-in-law
* Peter Alexander PJ's - from Daughter Sofie
* Sparkling Manicure - from youngest son Jayden
* Favourites Chocolates - from Santa
* Napoleon Lip Lacquers, Blingy Earphones & Funny Notepad - from Nicole
* Flat Screen 24" LCD Computer Monitor - from Husband Dave
Here's some Christmas Day pics:
Christmas Eve getting ready for Santa:
Jayden opening Santa presents:

Sofie opening Santa presents:

Some sisterly/brotherly Christmas love:

Mummy and little boy at breaky:

Silly family photo at breakfast:

Me showing off:

Dave getting a shine up playing cards:

And lastly, the day ends: