Friday, October 31, 2008


Scale weight = down 0.7 kg (So now you want to be nice to me and be my friend. Well ok, but if you turn your back on me again I'm going back to name calling).

Total for week from last Friday to today comes in at DOWN 1.8 kg's. Happy? Yes, very.

Training today = lots of little bits here and there. Bloody kookaburra's woke me at 4.13 am so I decided to get up and get ready and head to work and go for a walk/jog in the fresh morning air (15 minutes). Came home from work and tackled RPM 39 dvd this time getting through without HR troubles. (40 minutes). Organised early and back to work - walk 15 minutes on treadmill. Mid morning chest & biceps followed by 15 minutes steady elliptical.

I'm going to sleep in tomorrow morning then see how I feel. If I'm feeling good I'll go for a walk, maybe jog a bit but if tired I'll take a rest day.

Feeling = Although still quite tired and physically a bit flat (I haven't had my oats and powder post-training yet) I'm feeling quite good. Today is an important day for me on another front with working on where I want to go to. If I let it, it could be a stressful, anxious day but so far I'm feeling confident and getting through the day feeling strong and confident and relatively at ease.

I'm eating lollies and chocolate and ice-cream tonight whilst watching 2 dvd's - Pumping Iron (Arnold Schwarznegger story) and What Happens in Vegas.

Question? How much water is too much in a day with regards to kidney's coping, etc?