Sunday, November 2, 2008


Scale weight = down 0.2 kg (I'm glad you appreciated the rest day yesterday)

Training today = Legs & Shoulders with Nicole followed with some moderate intensity cardio which was a bit out of the norm. Think elliptical, lunges with overhead press, crab crawls, push-ups and step-ups. Finished off with a sauna which is a change from our usual steam.

Food = I want to make mention today in the hope that I'll remember this next week and change the routine as the same thing happened last Sunday. Train, steam/sauna, head to kitchen, cook oats, sit down, eat, 1/2 way through feel sick, nauseous, dizzy, stop eating, today even lay down on cold floor. Insulin spike? Change in body temperature? I think I need to come home first then eat. I'll see how this goes next week.

Feeling = psyched after watching Arnie yesterday. That mans mental attitute is what created a winner. If you haven't seen Pumping Iron go get it. I'm also really pleased with myself for keeping my focus and staying positive even when I've felt like crap and starving hungry at different times. I've been thinking before acting and changing the way I think.

This afternoon we're taking the kids for a walk to Baskin Robbins for afternoon tea. Today I'm not choosing my flavour until I get there.