Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Weight - 67.3 kg

Training - 30 minute early morning walk/jog, cracking chest & shoulder session with Liz. I was really happy with my training today and could see I'm continuing to improve all round. My front delts are feeling very fatigued right now. Bring on those sexy shoulders!

Although the scales indicated a small increase today I can feel a drop coming on. I look leaner, I feel leaner, I am leaner!

I love Christmas and the surprises this time of year brings. I have enjoyed immensely shopping for my special friends this year and can't wait to give presents. Although I love getting presents myself I get real joy out of giving. Today, I surprised Liz with an early xmas present. I'll let her tell you what it was but let's just say I'm bringing out the rebel in her! It looks fab!