Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Scale weight = up 0.3 to 69.5 kg (liar liar pants on fire)

Training = 30 min early morning walk then amazing back & tricep workout with Nicole followed by 25 min elliptical workout.

Feeling = amazingly fabulous. Having a wonderful wonderful day. Don't really know why although my training this morning absolutely rocked and I'm still feeling high on the endorphins.

It occured to me today that I've gained the knowledge of a winning formula. Training hard and with purpose making each and every session count, eating to fuel my body with a balance of carbs, protein and fats and enjoying "my things" in moderation and being mindful whilst doing so. Sleeping deeply and waking on my accord without an alarm. Incorporating some relaxation protocols, stretching and foam roller release for recovery purposes but most of all practicing patience, persistence and consistency and not allowing the scales to dictate how I feel but rather seeing them for what they are - one indicator of progress not always telling the truth. I've known this for a while but never really grouped them altogether. A win for me!