Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Scale weight = down 0.4 to 69.1 kg (good to go now)

Training = 35 min early morning walk, back with Liz

Feeling = On an even keel today. Got a little tired this arvo and needed a nap which only made me feel worse upon waking in a hot and muggy room but a couple of litres of water later and a chat with Katie I'm now feeling good again.

Whilst sitting at tae kwon do waiting for the kids this arvo I got thinking:

Some of you know my husband, many don't. I met him whilst working at Howick Coal mine in the Hunter Valley as a "Maintenance Planner" nearly 12 years ago. At that time I was divorced and a single mother. I was immediately attracted to him and one drunken night out with our group of friends we hooked up. I won't go into details but our life together progressed from that night. We got married and had two beautiful children together. I consider him to be my soul mate. Not only are we lovers but also best friends. He is my number one supporter and fan. He lifts me up when I'm feeling down and comforts me when I need to cry. He gets excited when I do and understands when I don't want to go out or need time out. He follows my journey each day checking my scale weight note book and last weekend produced a graph showing the trend of my weight loss. Based on his calculations I will reach 66 by "D" day. When I told him I wanted to get to 65 he jokingly said "well you need to work harder". I jokingly told him to piss off. Each time I'm heading out to train he tells me to "have a go". He is so supportive of everything I do and want to do. He regularly brings me home flowers. He takes over with the children and chores of a night when I am completely exhausted and looks after the kids most of the weekend. He also cooks and cleans. I would be so lost without him and think I am the luckiest woman to have found such a fantastic husband and father. He is my one true constant in my life and I love him with all my heart.