Monday, December 22, 2008


3.30 am - up and at 'em after a sleepness night. Awake from 1 am to 3 am. Just doze off only to be woken by Mia (cat) scratching at our bedroom door wanting to be fed. I feed her then go back to bed. Doze off again for probably 20 minutes then wake and figure I'd get up and start the day.

4.30 am - 30 minute early morning walk/run followed by ab work.

5.30 am - train client

6.05 am - chest/biceps with Nicole then 30 minutes elliptical

7.30 am - home to find hubby had stripped all the beds and done all the washing, fed the kids, cleaned up, written a xmas food shopping list and was planning his day around mine

9 am - head back to work to train one more client

10.30 am - home, do some computer work amongst reading blogs and fitness articles

12 pm - have lunch then lie on the lounge reading the latest Oxygen magazine followed by a 1 hr snooze

1.30 pm - awoken by bladder and hunger, eat arvo tea

2.45 pm - realise I am ravenously hungry again and employ the oats and powder savour

3.15 pm - head to pool for swim training (20 laps) and afterwards feel bloody fantastic admiring my physique in my two piece speedos upon returning home

4 pm - ponder over my achievements in 2008 and think thankful thoughts for what my life is and wonder what I should blog about today

5.15 pm - hubby goes fishing in the hope he'll catch fresh fish and mudcrabs for xmas lunch and dinner, I feed the kids the slack mother dinner of party pies and sausage rolls

5.20 pm - blog

6 pm - dinner followed by a Lindor Ball before showering then retiring for the night

3 more sleeps till xmas - I can't wait!