Saturday, November 15, 2008


Scale weight = down 0.4 (Bitch!) For the first time I'm revealing my weight. Today sitting at 70 kg flat. My goal is to get to 65 kg for this photo shoot. This is 3 kg's above my comp weight however realistically it was probably more like 60.5 or 61 kg as I'd ingested a whole shit load of carbs in the previous couple of days. I'm very carb tolerant and deplete quite quickly and was very flat coming into the day hence my feeds of potato wedges, rice cakes and honey, lolly snakes, paddle pops, etc. I have very fond memories of Liz cooking me potato wedgies with tomato sauce whilst she got to see all my "bits" whilst tanning for the first of no doubt many times (LOL).

Training = Early morning 1 hour walk. This is where my title comes from. I love nothing more than walking with my ipod, having some me time and thinking through my thoughts. This is more for relaxation than exercise purposes. Then, caned Liz' Hi-Performance RPM class. Also got to sit next to Lisa Stokes which was a treat. With her sitting next to me I kept telling myself strong mind, strong legs. As I've not been a regular participant of late I always get nervous and scared as to how I'll get through but when it's all done and dusted a sense of accomplishment, achivement and euphoria set in and I have a fantastic Saturday. I do sometimes need an afternoon nap though.

Feeling = Bloody unreal. Enjoying the calmness I feel today after a hectic week.

I was really hoping for a 69er on the scales this morning. Since she didn't come through for me I'm gonna get it one way or another (hehehe - too much information!)

To make Tara smile - I had a dream early this morning. You got busted, big time, having an affair with my husband. You and me are gonna have words (LOL).