Thursday, October 30, 2008


Scale weight = up 0.5 kg (I told them to go f*@k themselves)

Something's going on. I have pec and lat doms, my rings are tight, I felt sick yesterday morning after breaky as per my blog, cranky for past 2 days (as Jayden (4) puts it "why are you screaming?"), came home from work this morning and jumped on spin bike to do rpm dvd and into track 4 heart palpitations causing heart rate to spike over 200 bpm. Slowed down to recover, then tried 3 times to join back in each time HR through the roof so had to abort. Yet, strangely enough my shoulders and chest look even more defined today or maybe I'm seeing what I want to see?

Training = RPM as per above. So trying to will myself to do something this arvo. But then again might have a rest day as I'm so buggered after a busy day.

Feeling = Tired, over it, sick of thinking about and preparing food all the time, sick of my fast paced life, wishing I wasn't such an organised person and control freak, hanging in there though.

Some lollies and a skinny cow sundae are ranked in today's eats.