Friday, November 14, 2008


Scale weight = up 0.3 (Ahh you Fuckers!), Total for week = down 0.7 kg, Grand Total = 3.1 kgs in 3 weeks gooorrrrnnnneeee)

Training = 4.30 am 40 mins Shelley's crazy shit intervals, 11 am back & triceps with Liz

Feeling = On the scale front not concerned at all. In actual fact I know that I've dropped more than they are indicating at the moment and this morning's rise was due to a lot of salt adding, a little bit of pizza, cookies and peanut m&m's last night.

Being a perfectionistic kind of person has me this week confused, upset and angry at myself. Just when I think I have got my shit together and doing fantastically I have the old mad monkey on my shoulder encouraging and enticing me to indulge in another form of bad behaviour. I must keep reminding myself that I can be whatever type of person I choose to be. My habits, my behaviours, my responses, are all my choice.