Saturday, October 25, 2008


Scale weight = down 0.9 kg this morning

Yesterday's training = 1 hr moderate elliptical (recovering from sore/tight quads due to all my running/stair work last week at Lindeman), back/triceps strength session with Liz (yep, definately earnt my 80 grams of oats post-workout), lots of stretching/mobilization/activation work throughout the day. Remedial massage for recovery purposes.

Yesterday's nutrition = beautiful, yummy, healthy, nutritious food. Yes, it's true your pee really does stink after asparagus which is featured heavily these days. Finished off last night with a Curly Wurly (haven't had one of those for yonks).

Yesterday's feelings = "Bring it On!"

Training today = 15 mins moderate elliptical, some smith machine squats really focusing on drawing the pelvic floor up and squeezin' that ass, some shoulder work, 15 mins moderate elliptical, stretching/mobilization/activation work. Even got to bark a few orders at Coach Liz who performed a few sets of box squats and deadlifts and even a poke in the belly to make sure she had her abs "locked on". And she thought she was going to get away with doing box squats with just a 10 kg plate. Doubt it after what she put me through doing them! I did however let her off with a 15 kg plate but next time straight to the big boy 20 kg's.

Nutrition = gorgeous menu today featuring my favourite of oats and vanilla whey for breaky plus a red frog prior to training, tonights dinner with cousins vietnamese fish, rice and veges finished off with a couple of chicos and strawberries and creams (lollies).

Feeling = as hubby put it on my note pad "Fuckin' awesome and ready to take on the world"

Till tomorrow