Friday, December 5, 2008


For the past couple of days I've been pondering on this question:

On one side of the coin there's "Athlete Shelley" wanting to be a high achiever, goal setter and getter, successful.

On the other side there's "Everyday Shelley" being balanced, mindful, moderate, living lean, loving life, having fun, enjoying the journey.

And I ask myself can I be both at the same time?

As "D" day was getting closer I got spooked and freaked by the numbers and scared of "not making it" and started doing stupid shit like increasing my training and dropping calories. Smart move Shelley - NOT! But upon reassessing my situation I realised that when the journey ceases to be enjoyable then I had taken a wrong turn. Would it matter if the number was 1 or 2 higher? Of course not. Would it matter if it took another week or 2 to reach it? Agan, of course not. Honestly, I don't really care what the number is but just know that at 65 kg I look good, feel good, can fit into my favourite jeans and other clothes, and is my "happy weight".

I looked back on what I have achieved. I've shed (notice I didn't say "LOST". What happens when you lose something? You go looking for it right) nearly 5.5 kg's in 6 weeks whilst being mindful and enjoying everything in moderation, eating Baskin Robbins icecream and other favourite foods on a daily basis. Practiced positive self talk. Have not had a 'blow out' in all that time. Inspired others to battle on with their dreams and goals. This is what my life is about.

Of course I've still been training hard but have cut back the duration. I've increased my energy intake again to a more acceptable level for me to one which I know can still drop but perhaps a little slower. I will still achieve what I set out to do however I've taken the pressure off and getting there in a much safer fashion.