Sunday, November 16, 2008


Scale weight = down 0.1 kg to 69.9 kg (finally!)

Training = 70 minute early mornin walk, just finished Chest & Biceps with Nicole plus 30 minutes of Katie's treadmill incline intervals.

Feeling = Really happy to finally see a 6 again on the scales. I know I can do this. Easy peasy japanesy.

Negatively I'm sick of waking at 4 am each morning. Weekdays it doesn't bother me but weekends I'd really like to be able to sleep in. Positively at least I have time to go for an early morning walk to start the day off great. Heading out for a couple of hours soon to take the kids (I have my sister's two boys aged 5 and 7 here for a mini holiday (they live in my home town of Singleton and this was their first unaccompanied flight)) to Little TiGrrs play centre whilst I sit and read the latest Women's Health & Fitness mag.