Sunday, November 23, 2008



Scale weight = down 0.4 to 69.1 kg

Training = rpm


Scale weight = up 2.2 to 71.3 kg (do I look worried? Nuh)

Training = 90 minute early morning walk, heading off soon to train chest & biceps with Nicole plus a little cardio

Feeling = So much better now. The past few days had been really really hungry, exhaustive ones and I was beginning to get closer to eating the entire contents of the pantry and fridge. I nearly chewed my arm off Friday night but settled for Gourmet Nutrition pre-bed snack. I came up with a plan, which I ran past Coach, and got the nod to execute so yesterday was a much higher day calorie wise (close to maintenance calories) with the majority of them (I estimate 70%) coming from carbs. Mostly clean ones but couldn't let a day go by without a few lollies and squares of chocolate for good measure. Needless to say my muscles are now fully loaded with glycogen hence the higher scale reading this morning. The beauty this morning was that I understand and now believe that it's not fat and can watch the number reduce over the coming days as my glycogen stores deplete again. With just under 3 weeks till "D" day I'm confident of "bringing it home". Yesterday's reprieve was just what I needed.