Friday, November 21, 2008


Scale weight = up 0.4 to 69.6 kg (total for week = down 0.8, grand total = 3.9 in 4 weeks)

Training = 30 minutes cardio intervals, Legs & biceps with Liz

Feeling = very tired and really needing to rest and sleep but tried to have an arvo nap this arvo but just couldn't get there. I'm planning on having a day or two off next week. I'm sore in the triceps and hamstrings which is probably contributing to the scale raise this morning. Today's leg session was focussed on my posterior chain, namely glutes and hamstrings, incorporating deadlifts, glute/hamstring hyperextensions and then the hardest exercise I think I've ever done. See below. I did however manage to get revenge when I told Liz to have a go and when she got to 3, I said "2 more", then I said "I lied another one". I'm secretly hoping she's hamstring doms tomorrow to even up the quad doms she's got today. All in the name of friendship right!