Monday, November 17, 2008


Scale weight = down 0.3 to 69.6 kg (here we go)

Training = 30 minute early morning walk, shoulders & abs

Feeling = Mentally fantastic. Physically fatigued in the shoulders understandibly after this morning's shoulder toasting. Grow, grow, grow!

Last nights storm had the power out at my gym this morning so I took my 5.30 am client for a walk to the park then did a crazy arsed cardio session with her. I don't think she was liking me too much. The gym put a sign up not letting anyone in due to no power so I couldn't train my next client so came home and trained in my shoulders in my garage. Hubby came down to find out what all the grunting and groaning was about!

On a funny note hubby decided over the weekend that we all needed worming and had bought combantrin. I advised him that doing this meant all the bed linen need washing and told him he had to do it since it was his idea and so he did. I wondered how to log the 7 squares of chocolate I ate last night (hehehe).

Today I'm doing a paleo day but still having a skinny cow after dinner. I noticed in the mirror at the gym this mirror that my pants are getting baggy however I'm still unable to go down a size in pants but it's all good and means I'm getting there. My shoulders and abs are even more visible today and I think I may have even seen some lines in my legs. So can't wait for the bottom half to come into line.