Sunday, October 26, 2008


Scale weight = down 0.5 kg

By 2.30 pm yesterday afternoon I was completely shattered, tired, hungry, flat/lightheaded. After drinking gallons of water and taking nap still no better. What did I do? The sensible thing by employing Liz' "300 not 3000 calorie" rule and consuming a bowl of oats and powder topped with yoghurt. Did the trick and I felt much better and was then able to hold out for a later than usual dinner.

Training today has been some elliptical work interspersed with medicine ball squats, plank jacks, and running man on bench followed by some steady state. All up 1 hr. Steam afterwards then stretching before enjoying a post-workout meal of oats and powder topped with yoghurt and as I put it "a little sneaky peak to get the party going" (pepsi max). One liner from Grease.

Feeling = confident, happy I'm on the right track, a little tired now but steaming always does this to me.

Other than enjoying my oats and powder and already a red frog I'll be looking forward to a milo icecream and some dark mint crisp chocolate later tonight.

Off to spend some time by the pool now. Katie - wish you were here!