Saturday, January 31, 2009


Scale weight = down 0.3 to 65.9 kg (shazam! - and that's after a higher day yesterday)

Training = planning on executing a smashing shoulder and ab session in my garage after an energy giving breaky of oats, powder AND honey.

Feeling = I took some photos of my abs first thing this morning and I'm actually feeling a little scared about getting so lean again. My abs were one of the feedback points given after competing last year and although I don't really train them that much I've been doing a little bit here and there to get them to tighten up (especially the lower) and stand out more this year and I think it's working. Together with the fact that I won't have the bloating issues this year. I'm gettin' me abs of steel! Considering I've had 3 babies in there I'm thinking they're not looking too bad now (still with some fat covering) so are going to come up just fine.

On another note, it was really nice to sleep in this morning (I'm now officially unemployed (LOL) till I start at Jetts on the 16th Feb. I had intended on getting up and training first thing but then realised I didn't have to and could have breaky first - how good is that!

Friday, January 30, 2009


Scale weight = same at 66.2 kg

Training = 4.30 am 30 min walk/run on tready at home, 6.15 am 30 min walk and chat outdoors with Nicole

Feeling =

This is MY life.
The path that I have CHOSEN for myself and no-one else.
The dedication I COMMIT to day in and day out.
I create my own SUCCESS.
My JOURNEY through this life.
I tackle the CHALLENGES I face head first.
My VISION for the future is real and within my reach.
I CAN do anything I set my mind to.
My MIND is my most powerful tool.
I TRUST my own instincts.
I grow STRONGER each day.
I possess the CONFIDENCE required to shine.
I am RESPONSIBLE for my actions.
I plan my OUTCOME.
And execute with ENTHUSIASM.
My world is HERE and NOW and not a dream.
This is ME and who I AM!!

Thursday, January 29, 2009


Scale weight = down 0.7 to 66.2 kg (woohoo - Aaaayyyyyy! The Fonz)

Training = 4.30 am 30 mins walk/run on tready at home, 5.30 am client cancelled so 30 mins metabolic circuit, 12 pm legs with Liz

Feeling = Cool!

Dedicated to all my very special friends:

Field of Joys

Sometimes along life's pathways there will come a friend,
Who gets to know you inside out, right to the very end,
The depth and height and width of all that makes you 'you',
And they continue liking you no matter what you do.

They get to see inside of you where others dare not go,
And soon they are a part of you and you find you love them so.
They let you laugh and share your joy, they help you through the day,
And no matter what you've said or done, they never turn away.

Sometimes when things are getting rough, and when the crying's done,
They'll join with you in games and play, and like just having fun,
You then have a special playmate who would run the field of joys,
Like children find around the bend with other girls and boys.

They're honest and they're faithful, they try never to betray
The precious trust between you as you live from day to day.
It's so hard to express sometimes, and though it might sound odd,
My best way to describe them is they are a gift from God.

And so, my friend, I'm writing with a thankful heart to say
I'm so glad I have a friend like you to help me on my way.
When the ocean of life was rough thank you for being my buoy
But mostly thanks for running with me through the Field of Joys.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Sexy, sassy, and red headed you have the ability to turn everybody's head especially your husband, Roger's! Congrats you are the hot JESSICA RABBIT.

Take the quiz for yourself:


Perhaps my termination of contract didn't go down so well (and they didn't know I'm going to another gym - I said it was due to unforeseen personal circumstances).

They kicked me out but since my rent is paid up till the end of this month I'm allowed to train my clients tomorrow and Friday but then it's out the door.

So, I'll be unemployed (LOL). For a week and a half anyway!

Do I look worried - NOT!

But, what will I do with myself over this period?


Scale weight = same at 66.9 kg (something's going on)

Training = chest/biceps + 15 mins jogging + 10 mins elliptical with Nicole

Feeling = I've been rock solid with my nutrition and training yet the scales aren't reflecting my dedication as yet. Could I be ovulating since it's two weeks since TOM arrived back? Anyway, I'm not bothered by it. Last season I was stuck around this week for 3 weeks then once I broke through I couldn't stop the bugger so here's hoping the same will happen this year. Still happy this morning with my decision to move on although a little scared about terminating my contract this morning when I go back to work. Hubby headed away this morning for work for a week so it's just me and the kiddies. I've organised my housecleaner to come over at 5 am each morning and sit with the kids till I get home again at 7 am which means if I'm to do any early morning cardio it will have to be at home using my tready and spin bike or circuit style with dumbbells. This can be dangerous like this morning when I turned on the computer as I ended up sitting in front of it till she arrived but knew I'd be doing some after weights anyway. Breaky's down the gutlet now so best go drag my lazy kids out of bed.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Couldn't decide what to title this post. Some thoughts:

Making the Move
Opportunities Arise
Tackling Another Challenge
Change is Inevitable
Excited Yet Nervous

I had an interview today with the franchisee of a new gym that is opening in Ashgrove, less than 1 km from where I live. Nicole alerted me to this just last week. I checked out the website and sent a contact us email enquiring as to whether they were looking for PT's. Got a phone call that night and sent off my resume with photos and a couple of days later received a reply email asking me to come for an interview. The interview was awesome and the vibe I got was what a fabulous club and atmosphere. Apparently, an ad was placed on to which they received over 100 applications, 12 interviewed and 3 looked ok but what I was told today gave me a real boost. He told me that as soon as they seen my photos they wanted me on board. They could tell I had personality and would be a welcomed part of their team with future potential for growth within the business eg Club Manager. He jokingly said it was the hair that was the give away re my personality. I walked away knowing I was going to take the plunge, came home and rang him tonight to accept.

I'll be sad to leave some of my clients and the morning crowd at Genesis but I also think that this is a really great career move for me. So, the wheels are in motion and another step outside of my comfort zone.


Scale weight = up 0.3 to 66.9 kg (poofter - so that's how you repay me for declining the pavlova yesterday - f#@k you!)

Training = 4.30 am 40 mins whatever cardio, lunchtime back/triceps with Liz

Feeling = stressed! Sofie going back to school, Jayden's first day at Prep. Hubby is home to take them to school with me and is pacing which is making me anxious. We've still got plenty of time but I can feel the hint to go so we'll go and then have to sit around doing nothing at school. Oh well, the sooner we go, the sooner he can piss off to work.

Might have some news later this arvo - we'll see.

Monday, January 26, 2009


Scale weight = down 0.5 to 66.6 kg

Training = stairs again 35 mins then home for shoulder session in the garage

Feeling = not really sure - hot, sweaty, tired, bored! My chest is still sore from Friday's session with Liz. My hamstrings were not really liking Nicole very much going up the stairs this morning. We did have a great leg session yesterday. And even though it was Nicole's workout prescription I couldn't help but try and run the show and at one stage was threatened with a set of dumbbells when pushing Nicole to get a few more lunges in (hehehe). My knees were quite sore and fluidy last night and I probably shouldn't have done the stairs again and running this morning but I'm a fighter and can't help myself sometimes. Once the kids are back to school and settled I'm going to have some synovial fluid injections in both knees which might give me some relief for 12 months - fingers crossed.

We're off today for the good old Aussie bbq at a friend's so it will be nice to get out of the house.

Well, that's breaky down the hatch (whilst writing). Think I might go back to bed.

Sunday, January 25, 2009


You've heard the saying "you can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink"?

Arrrggghhhhhh - that's the sound of frustration. I give my clients the tools and direction they need in order to achieve their goals and what do they do? Absolutely f@#king nothing! Oh, it's the weekend, and a long one at that, I won't train, I won't log, then I'll go see Shelley next week and tell her I didn't have time, I was too tired, I forgot, or whatever other pityful excuse they can think of. What it boils down to is that they don't want it bad enough! That's fine with me. It's their life, their body but sometimes I wonder why I bother going to so much trouble and detail in helping them!

Vent over - thanks for listening.


Scale weight = same 67.1 kg (surprise surprise)

Training = 6 am 35 min stair intervals, 8.15 am leg training + cardio with Nicole

Remembering Katie's Lavendar Bay stair session we did and what a great cardio interval session it was I thought I'd shake things up this morning and add something different to the mix. So, I:

walk/jogged to find a set of stairs
23 stairs up, 2 at a time, back down again x 10
run 70 metres, turn around, walk back
up and down again x 10
5 rounds
walk/jog home
heart rate up to and over max each time
sweating like a pig
short, sharp, didn't actually seem that hard, endorphin high!

(Cheree, there's one for ya. Hunter River bridge stairs - good luck!)

However, this may not have been a good idea since Nicole is running the show later and I'm not sure what she's got in store for me. If I don't post tomorrow I'm dead (lol)!

Feeling = Somewhat fabulous! It's truly amazing how exercising first thing in the morning makes you feel. It doesn't have to be much, even a walk, but doing this sets my body and my mind up for an awesome day. I'm enjoying this long weekend, sleeping in past 3 am, although many would still think 5.30 am is early!

Today marks the 16 weeks out from comp. I'm tracking along beautifully and enjoying the journey. Still got 4 weeks to reach my first target of 64 kg. I'd really like to hit the 65's by the end of this week but I refuse to go stupid and increase training (I'm doing more than enough now) or decrease calories (I'm hungry at times now). Will see how this week pans out before making adjustments.

Shar, 1 March is the Sydney Harbour swim Katie and I (and anyone else?) are doing. I'm aiming for the 2 km swim classic.

Saturday, January 24, 2009


40 laps - straight up - no stops - easy peasy - no probs - must have been the new swimmies - bring on 1 March!Now, just to get those legs leaner. We're so hard on ourselves aren't we!


Scale weight = up 0.6 to 67.1 kg (no worries mate)

Training = powerful 35 min run, later when pool opens swim training (aiming for 40 laps straight)

Feeling = Last nights dialogue - Mad Monkey, Me

We're going out for dinner. We'll go somewhere where I can eat healthy. I'll eat mindfully, put my knife and fork down between bites, engage in conversation, drink lots of water. Let's have a big fat curry. I'd rather have a prawn and double vege stir-fry with some rice. Mission accomplished! Way home kids want Baskin Robbins (a trigger for me). I won't have anything. I'll have my skinny cow when we get home. Sofie has a buy one 2 scooper, get one free. You haven't been here for ages, you're having a higher day anyway, other people wouldn't think twice, you can have two scoops tonight, gotta use the voucher. If I do it'll take me just over 2000 that's ok, we won't have the higher day planned on Monday. Try this flavour, and this one, and this one. Just decide and get out of here. How good does this taste. It melts too quick. I'd rather have my skinny cow in future, must remember this. Let's go crazy! It's only 7 pm. You're staying up late tonight. You'll get hungry later. Dave's upstairs. Let's have a chocolate. Look in the chocolate box. Picnic - no too many calories, Ghiradelli square - no planned for tomorrow night. What are you waiting for? Just grab one and eat it quickly. I don't want to do this. Go ring Katie. Katie's words "intervention, intervention". Arrrr - he's gone (thanks Katie)! Success - I did it! I stopped! Have a huge cup of peppermint tea and watch dvd with hubby.

Last night:

This morning:

Friday, January 23, 2009


Scale weight = up 0.1 to 66.5 kg (dickhead!)

Training = 25 minute half arsed effort of a metabolic circuit before work, later chest/biceps with Liz

Feeling = As the title indicates a bit blah. Sick of waking so god damn early every morning (3 am-ish). Couldn't really be too bothered training today. Wondering if I'm depleting again and in need of a re-feed but don't want to turn my calorie deficit into a calorie surplus. Wanted to get through this week and have a higher day on Monday as we are going to a Australia Day bbq at a friends house. It's raining and muggy so maybe it's the weather? Hubby and eldest son probably won't go fishing this arvo now so we might go out for dinner tonight instead of tomorrow night to celebrate one of our "good things" which is a HUGE tax return coming our way. I might just increase my cals slightly today anyway.

Having a few bloating issues. Wondering if it's the creatine? Or it could be any one of the concoction of supplements I take. I'm thinking of having a break from them all for a few days or a week or two and see what gives. I ditched the bean sprouts and dryslaw which has made things a little better but somethings still not quite right.

Thursday, January 22, 2009


Scale weight = down 0.7 to 66.4 kg (uh huh - we meet again)

Training = early morning (like 4 am) 30 min walk/run with a little metabolic circuit at the end using dumbbells then shoulders and tiny bit of ab work

Feeling = We are always running for the thrill of it thrill of it. Always pushing up the hill searching for the thrill of it. On and on and on we are calling out and out again. Never looking down I’m just in awe of what’s in front of me. Exciting opportunites and times ahead. Where will my direction take me? Yesterday afternoon brought about really great news in 3 forms. Just gotta let it runs it's course and see where it takes us. I believe everything happens for a reason and good things come to those who wait.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Scale weight = down 0.2 to 67.1 kg (when you're ready!)

Training = 30 min early morning walk/run then back/triceps + 15 mins elliptical, 10 mins tready with Nicole

Feeling = Hmmmm, nothing really jumps out at me today. Everything's great. Not phased at all by the scales. Know they're a little on the slow side this week but anyday now they'll come crashing down for sure. Had a great session with Liz yesterday. She caned my glutes which are a little sore today and have been since the session yesterday and even quads are starting tighten up now so Katie I'm in sympathy with you babe! Not a busy day really so might have a little kip after lunch. My house is a pigsty - thank God my housecleaner is home from holidays and coming tomorrow! Nicole has posted a fantastic article by Katie's boyfriend, Tom.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Scale weight = up 0.3 to 67.3 kg (silly bastard)

Training = 30 min early morning walk/run + abs, 6 am chest/biceps, 11 am hamstrings/glutes with Liz

Feeling = Really enjoyed my running this morning. In fact, I was looking forward to it since last night as I haven't ran since last week (yet I'm not a runner and never really liked running but the leaner I get the easier it is). With no spotter this morning (Nicole was running) I opted out of the 6-12-25 and used the smith machine for my bench presses in which I feel much safer (I've been trapped under the bar too many times). One of the guys at the gym this morning told me (his exact words) "you're looking f#@king awesome". How nice was that! And how good did I feel! Yes, there was a little bit of head swelling happening. In all honesty I'm really really happy with how I'm looking. History shows that after a higher calorie/carb day the scales rise for two days before dropping so tomorrow should bring the number down (fingers crossed) but if it doesn't, who cares, I'll just hang tight until it catches up.

Monday, January 19, 2009


Your rainbow is shaded red.


What is says about you: You are a passionate person. You appreciate energetic people. You get bored easily and want friends who will keep up with you.

Find the colors of your rainbow at


Some may call it good genes. I call it intelligence!

Sugar does for me what it does for everyone else - sending my insulin levels through the roof,has the mad monkey on my shoulder telling me how good it tastes, wanting more and more, telling me to eat the whole lot and start again tomorrow, you've blown it, might as well keep going. Hell, put a block of chocolate in front of me or a bag of lollies or a tub of icecream and yes I'm tempted to eat the whole god damn lot BUT the difference between me and you is that I have learn't moderation and control (with professional help and a whole lot of dollars) and I BELIEVE that I can eat it. If I tell myself I can't, for whatever reason, be it my body dosn't respond to it, it's not good for me, I'll get pimples, etc it simply doesn't leave my thoughts until I have it and this is where control comes into play. Bottom line is I'd rather eat whatever I feel like, even if it increases my risk of certain diseases, and die tomorrow HAPPY and without the stress of what to eat when and if to eat it at all.


Scale weight = up 0.4 to 67.0 kg (understood)

Training = circuit - db stepups, pushups, db squats, single arm tricep extension, walking lunges, db hammer curls, single leg deadlifts, db shoulder press then gym unlocked, shoulder training

Feeling = My MM (mad monkey) wanted to go absolutely crazy all day yesterday. We chatted and compromised with an increase in calories to 2500 with some extra treats of ice-cream, honey, peanut butter, crunchola and metabolic drive chocolate protein powder mixed together. This is DEVINE! You know you've got your groove back when the gym isn't open to members yet but you're cranking out heavy sets of barbell military presses supersetted with upright rows and in between bustin' out the moves and singing with yourself in the mirror. A real sight to see I tell you!

Sunday, January 18, 2009


Scale weight = down 0.2 to 66.6 kg (not interested)

Training = 70 min walk (couldn't be arsed running), later back/triceps + cardio with Nicole

Feeling = You know things are starting to go pear shaped when:

1 You reach for the lollies upon waking after arvo snooze yesterday
2 You stay up late playing cards with the cousins and yell (more like a ferocious tiger) at your daughter then tell your husband off when he tells you you should apologise
3 You wake up tired and go for a walk in a daze and just follow your feet wherever they take you not really knowing where you are
4 You can't be bothered cooking breakfast even when they are pancakes and instead opt for a shake with honey
5 You don't feel like training but will because you'll let your training partner down and you have to go anyway to meet another client who's decided to compete
6 All you want to do is curl up in bed and hide for the day

Saturday, January 17, 2009


Scale weight = up 0.1 to 66.8 kg (good on ya *sarcasm*)

Training = early morning 30 min walk (although it was more of a dawdle as I didn't want to expend too much energy as I'm secretly shitting myself about doing RPM later), 8.10 am Hi-Performance RPM

Feeling = A little nervous this morning about participating in RPM (Hi-Performance at that) as I am every Saturday morning. As an ex-RPM instructor I used to absolutely love participating more so than teaching, hence the reason I gave it up but I haven't been doing too many classes lately due to other engagements and my bike fitness leaves a little to be desired. I am however going today to catch up with the other blogger girls (instructor Liz, Fern, Magda, Lisa, Carolyn, not sure who else) but this may be the last time for a while as I really need to get back to my swim training in order to complete the Sydney Harbour swim and Mooloolaba triathlon otherwise I might be the one in the middle with my hand up getting rescued (LOL). Please Liz - don't kill me!

As the title today indicates - I've eaten so many kilos of veges this week I feel like I'm growing into one so today I'm vege-ing out and having pancakes at every meal other than post-workout which is oats and powder. One with peanut butter, two with honey, and one with ice-cream. I'm so excited I'm off to cook the first one soon.

Oh, also yesterday's PT session with Liz was amazing. It was hard! Do you think you can have hate and love in the same workout? There was quite a few "F" words expressed. I had to get mad to get through. Liz said she seen someone else in the gym shaking their head so obviously he thought it was some crazy shit Liz had me doing. Thank God I've only got one more week of this block of training before I get down to some serious training (LOL).

At lunch time today I'm meeting a client of mine (whom Nicole and I call little pocket rocket) to run through her comp prep. Yep, she'll be competing in Novice Figure at INBA and ANB (I think) and she's going to shine like a star and look amazing! Watch this space - I may get to introduce her in the future.

Friday, January 16, 2009


Scale weight = down 0.8 to 66.7 kgs (hello again 66's)

Training = early morning 30 min walk/run + abs (trying to master hanging from a chin up bar doing knee raises). Later on chest/biceps with Liz (God help me!)

Feeling = The mind is a powerful tool. I visualised seeing a 66 all day yesterday and what did I get this morning! Holy crap - my thoughts became real! I haven't looked up at my wall for a few days as I've had minimal time on my computer with my eldest son here hogging it playing games but this morning I looked up and read my sayings one by one - I am strong, I can, Confidence, Positivity, Mindful, Balance, Desire, Trust, I am lean, Savouring, I like you, and finally I'm living the life I imagined. I read my quotes also but there's too many and they're too long to write here.

PS My hair looks fab!

Thursday, January 15, 2009


Scale weight = up 0.1 to 67.5 kg

Training = 30 min metabolic circuit

Feeling = very satisfied that I have a job that I LOVE. The feeling I get from helping people to achieve their goals and dreams is amazing. I have some lovely clients, yet each one is different and this makes my job interesting and keeps me on my toes. We are all individuals with our paths in life heading in different directions yet we all want to end up at the same place - happy, content and at peace.

I'm off to the hairdressers after lunch today to freshen up the colour and get the eyebrows done also so no doubt I'll be feeling even more fabulous after this. I've always said that at least I'll die with great hair and boobs no matter what the rest of the body is looking like (LOL).

Wednesday, January 14, 2009



Today's menu:

Breakfast - pancake with maple syrup and yoghurt
Morning tea - Moroccan chicken and vege stir-fry with parmesan cheese, almonds and macadamias
Lunch - pancake with maple syrup and english toffee skinny cow icecream, 1/2 twirl chocolate bar & pepsi max
Afternoon tea - Moroccan chicken and vege stir-fry with parmesan cheese, cashews and walnuts

Dinner - Moroccan chicken and vege stir-fry with parmesan cheese again plus red frog

Before bed - cottage cheese and chocolate protein powder

Add to this Biotest Surge, another can of pepsi max, 2 cups green tea and 5 litres of water and you have one very happy, satisfied belly, body and mind.


Scale Weight = down 1.2 to 67.4 kg

Training = early morning 30 min walk/run then cracking back and triceps session with Nicole

Feeling = Awesome! Loving myself sick at the moment. In between sets today did some tricep posing and bloody hell I'm sooo happy with my tri's and shoulders. Have been thinking that when I get down a bit lower I'll back off on the cardio (not that I'm doing that much), just walk not run and any cardio will be metabolic stuff using weights as resistance like tomorrow which will incorporate some dumbbell shadow boxing, db step-up's, single leg deadlifts, bodyweight squats and whatever else I think of at the time. I don't tend to structure these workouts but simply do whatever comes to mind, I don't rest - simply keep moving from one exercise to the next and these are done on a bench seat outside my gym in the dark before it opens then I'll train clients and I'm done for the day. I know if I wait till after work it may not happen without that appointment with Liz like on Tuesday's and Friday's.

I'm taking photo's today of my food so that you can see what a chocolate, lolly, icecream eating figure chick consumes in a day! I still can't believe how good pancakes are!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Scale weight = down 0.8 to 68.6 kg (ready to play now)

Training = early morning 30 min walk/run then chest & biceps with Nicole (wholly hell when you actually work your biceps they burn! 2 x 3 drop sets of 10 reps then 3 x 10 reps each arm alternating hammer curls. Just a short time ago trained hamstrings and glutes in my garage (Liz' little miss is sick today) and now I'm shagged. That meant two lots of "Surge" today!

Feeling = pretty good. Training's going well. Nutrition's going well. Treat's going well. Hubby and kids going well. Sleep is going well. Work is going well. Pretty much all is going well. I think I best go and get food before I fall asleep or pass out - pancakes, icecream and warmed raspberry coulis here I come!

Monday, January 12, 2009


Scale weight = up 0.2 to 69.4 kg (wrong way dickhead)

Training = 30 min early morning walk/run then abs then shoulders with Nicole

Feeling = I had an epiphany this morning and realised that even though I'm living moderation there are still going to be times when I eat more than my body requires but the difference now is that I've realised I don't beat myself up over it. I'm normal, I'm human, I enjoy nice food so yeah there are times where I'll eat just for the sheer pleasure. Saturday night was one of those times. I enjoyed dinner, a few drinks, a dessert and then some more chocolate and lollies upon arriving home but did I get up yesterday feeling guilty and then train my arse off - no way! In fact, I felt rather lazy listening to hubby ride a rpm dvd whilst I played on the computer. My world has turned a complete circle and I'm so much happier for it. And on this morning's run I realised that taking a rest day yesterday was really good for me as my legs and knees especially felt wonderful with each stride.

The toilet stop came to the party this morning so I expect a downward movement in the next couple of days. There's no urgency or rush, just cruising along at a nice, comfortable pace.

My pancake is now cooked so I'm off to top it with maple syrup and yoghurt and enjoy! Love you Katie for introducing me to it!

Sunday, January 11, 2009


11 January 2009 - Official Competition Preparation Start Date for INBA Brisbane Titles to be held on 17 May 2009 (18 weeks out)

The Plan - Head straight to 64 kgs and hold there till 12 weeks out then each 3 weeks drop 1 kg. Most probably hit it hard for a week or so then hold till next 3 week period. Progress pics upon reaching 64 kg then every 3 weeks also.

Starting Scale Weight = 69.2 kg (Not real due to dinner and dessert out last night. This is a rise of 2 kg's from Katie's scales yesterday morning) A starting point all the same.

Training = REST day today

Feeling = Great for having a good feed again yesterday. Not at all concerned over the scale number. Know it will come down this week. A little tired and headachey today. Glad it's a rest day as I've so much to do to get ready for the week ahead. Washing, shopping, cooking, emails, planning all on the list. Looking forward to my 3 children coming home tonight. Best get to it.


For my calorie range:

3 egg whites
25 grams Ladybird Protein Crunch
30 grams quick cooking Oats
40 grams low-fat Cottage Cheese OR Light Ricotta
Shake Cinnamon
Water to desired consistency

Mix all together in a bowl. Lightly spray pan. Cook. Put on plate. Top with 30 mls Sugar Free Maple Syrup and 50 grams Dairy Farmers Thick & Creamy Light Vine Passionfruit Yoghurt. Consume. Full belly. Happy happy joy.


A few pics from LeGrand Cirque which Katie took me to:
Just before the show:

Yes, that is a girl hanging with those musclely arms:

How strong is this:

And this was spectacular:

With a great bod too:

And here's Katie in her office which overlooks the harbour, is directly opposite the kitchen and just up the corridor from the toilet:

Saturday, January 10, 2009


Yesterday was a testing day. I fought MM all day wanting to eat continuously. Perhaps my TOM had something to do with this? I was tired and my performance in the gym sucked combined with mild cramping which is a new experience for me again. Come lunch time I decided to have a higher calorie day which was still very testing as I could have quite easily eaten shit all day. Some lollies and chocolate (in moderate amounts) did the trick and today I was on fire at training. Katie introduced me to her depletion training and afterwards we threw in some of my metabolic training which turned into a fantastic workout and we were shagged afterwards. We've just polished off breaky (a late one due to having a sleep in today) of oats, powder, banana, maple syrup and yoghurt, water, green tea and now we're full and happy and I feel ready to do it all again.

I'm sad to be leaving Katie tonight and also a little scared to be going home to routine, work and responsbility. Tomorrow marks the official beginning (18 weeks out) of comp prep for me even though I've been working in that direction anyway. I commented to Katie this morning that I'm really happy with how I'm looking now. I know that I'm going to look even better as the weeks progress which is quite exciting.

Looking forward to seeing my beautiful hubby again tonight and going out for dinner and drinks before the kids arrive home tomorrow night.

Friday, January 9, 2009


After months of eagerly awaiting the day yet dreading it at the some time; they're here, they're back. TOM arrived this morning! I haven't had a period since losing them in February 2008 during comp prep. It is quite a relief although I'm hating them already with mild cramping in my abdomen. My theory (I always have a theory) is that I've finally got my eating with moderation under control, I'm far more relaxed, have been resting (as in sleeping) a bit more over the holidays, and generally not stressing about too much which has allowed my body to regulate the hormones once again. As I'm in Sydney I text hubby to tell him the news (he'll be disappointed as we were planning a final night out without the kids tomorrow night upon my return) and he replied with "looks like you're not pregnant then". I replied back with "thank god - unless I've been prega's for a year" (LOL).

Training wise Katie and I headed to the gym this morning for a back and biceps session in which we worked on my technique and form with training biceps in order for me to build mountains rather than pissy hills. This is going to be a major focus over the coming months to keep my shoulders out of it and get my biceps to do all the work! Afterwards a 15 minute run on the tready pulled us up before heading home again for some fabulous pancakes with maple syrup and yoghurt - yum!

Thursday, January 8, 2009


I'm here in Sydney with Katie who met me at the airport yesterday to escort me on the train to her place as I don't know how to catch a train! We caught up on news and talked about our futures before I headed for a little nana nap. Upon rising Katie informed me she had the idea on competing in Brisbane the same day as me (especially since there's no routines in INBA) and I was soooo excited and thrilled. It will be so much more fun for her to be there with the Brissy girls cheering her on, on stage. So, she's ordered her bikini and the wheels are in motion.

Last night I recieved my xmas present from her. We went to see LeGrandCirque which was great then I got a personal tour of the Opera House and her office. (I'll have to post pics later)

This morning we headed to Lavender Bay stairs which was a killer and then walked on to the gym and had a smashing shoulder session with a bit of abs and lower back work before heading to the supermarket to pick up some essentials (chicken, veges, fruit, pepsi and CHOCOLATE). We're feeling friggin' awesome and planning a big walk this arvo around the harbour. Katie cooked me her famous pancakes for post workout/breaky which were bloody fantastic and definately gonna be eaten more when I get home.

Signing off now to settle in and watch "Bigger Stronger Faster".

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


After training with Liz today I got her to take some photos marking the 19 week out mark. Came home and went through last years photos to do a comparison. My first lot of posing photos were taken on 20 February 2008 at a posing lesson with Jo Rogers. I'm not showing below the belly button as it still has plenty of work to do!


When you start to feel overwhelmed and uncertain about decisions you've made,
Remember what brought you to this point in your life,
all the sacrifices, tears and occasional pain.

Be assured that with all change, some skepticism will arise, just hold onto your faith, and watch your dreams come alive.

You are where you are now, not by coincidence or luck, but by your determination, and your will to never give up.

Enjoy what you've accomplished, and hold your head up high, relish in the fact that you pressed forward, and pushed your fears aside.
And as I now mobilise my power and will, and get ready to compete - I recognise there is a capacity for excellence - a level of best within me; I've clearly experienced this part of myself in the past. And my determination - and full intent now - is to wholly demonstrate this part of me... Yes -- right from the start!

Monday, January 5, 2009


- Don't you just hate getting woken at 3.30 am by possums fighting on the roof above your bedroom but love getting up then and starting the day?

- Don't you just hate running in the dark when everyone else is sleeping but love the fresh cool air and the peace and serenity and the feel of you breathing and the music in your ears?

- Don't you just hate when your muscle are so fatigued that you simply can't push out another rep but love the satisfaction of knowing you've trained hard and torn your muscle fibres?

- Don't you just hate training alone but love when you train with a partner who pushes and encourages you and laughs at/with you?

- Don't you just hate the drive home from the gym but love knowing your oats and powder are waiting for you?

- Don't you just hate having nothing to do but love that the day is yours to spend how you please?

- Don't you just hate being tired but love being able to have a daytime nap?

- Don't you just hate not having your children around but love the break and no responsibility for a while?

- Don't you just hate that your husband has gone back to work but love that you are still on holidays?

- Don't you just love your life? I do!!

Sunday, January 4, 2009


Do you ever wonder what fit people do differently from those with excess fat? If you think they were born with the special gene to release fat, and you were born with unfavourable ones which promote the storage of fat, think again.

While genetics does play some role in where fat you store fat, recent studies show you have the ability to overcome genes and express the positive side of a gene. At any given time, a fat cell can swell or shrink, depending more on your lifestyle (eating and physical activity) than your genes.
If you had the chance to spend 24 hours with a fit person, you would observe several key things that they do differently than the average sedentary one. Read on to understand -- and ultimately incorporate -- decisions fit people make regarding exercise, eating and recovery in order to live in a lean, healthy, strong and fit body.

1. Sleep well and wake up naturally. Many fit people arise without an alarm clock feeling energised, rested and hungry. They have set fitness goals and a plan to achieve them. People who are fit fall asleep easier, have more quality sleep and require less sleep than someone who is unfit. Lack of sleep is strongly associated with obesity. Sleeping helps the body repair, rebuild and recover.

2. Get prepared. Fit people pack their gym bags the night before, have clothes laid out for exercise, toiletries packed for a shower, clothes for work and an appointment in their planner for physical activity. They regard their workout appointments as highly as any other business or social commitment.

3. Exercise in the morning. Morning exercisers have the highest compliance rates and are more likely to stick to their program. As the day passes, they have a feeling of accomplishment and pride which is reflected in their food choices, behaviour and stress management. Morning exercise is the best way to start your day and ultimately influence many other positive decisions throughout your day.

4. Plan meals. People who are fit and lean have set eating times, plan their meals around their workouts and know what they are going to eat and when. Initially it takes a little work to figure out healthy meals and snacks, but they do not leave eating to chance. Finding yourself headed to the buffet or driving through for fast food in a famished state is a formula for disaster.

5. Rebound from setbacks Fit people do not let one missed workout turn into two or three. They get right back to their next workout and use the added rest to work even harder. They also don’t let one slice of pizza or cake derail their efforts. They move on to the next healthy meal knowing they exercise, sleep and eat well so they can have the occasional indulgence or missed workout without it effecting them negatively.

6. Make lasting lifestyle and behavioural changes. Fit people have become fit over time, not over night. They empower themselves with information about fitness and eating, and adopt one new healthy habit at a time until it's no longer something they work on, but instead something that is part of their daily routine.

7. Separate the psychology of success from self-help snake oil. People who are fit do not fall prey to the quick magical “solutions” to health and wellness. They know living longer, stronger, leaner years is a lifelong process, and they reap the benefits daily. They know if it sounds too good to be true, it is.

8. Lose weight and keep it off. Fit people know dieting alone is not enough to achieve long-term fat loss. Exercise plays a large part in keeping kilos off. With regular exercise, they are likely to keep the weight off for life.

9. Use positive self talk. People who are fit use positive self-talk. They don’t beat themselves up with negative sayings such as “I am fat,” or “I am lazy.” Instead, they say “I am strong,” “I am powerful,” “I nourish my body” and “I am thankful to be moving my body.”

10. Set and accomplish goals. Fit people have a realistic goal in mind when they train. For some, it's being a certain size or having a particular waste measurement. For others, it's competing in an event or fund raiser that is near to their heart, like walking for breast cancer or cycling for leukemia. When one goal is accomplished, another is set and there is a deliberate plan to achieve the result.

If you want to live in a lean, fit, strong, unstoppable body, you should choose one of the 10 components listed above and decide to tackle it. Once you have tackled one, move on to the next. Over time, the more of these habits you incorporate, the more living in a fit body will become an everyday reality, and you'll love the reflection that stares back at you in the mirror.

Saturday, January 3, 2009


Quick rundown of events:

29 Dec - in-laws go home (boo hoo my housekeeper/nanny is gone)
30 Dec - Sofie's 9th birthday (I swore it was her 10th even buying a 10th birthday card and writing happy 10th birthday). We go to Currumbin beach for the day and celebrate with her choice of a chinese dinner and baskin robbins ice-cream cake (yum!)
31 Dec - put kids on the plane to home town (hubby and I now kid free for 11 days). Have an awesome New Years Eve party and celebrate with fine wine, good food and fantastic friendships.
1 Jan - spend most of the day recovering from a hangover and tiredness but so worth it!
2 Jan - spend all day preparing last years tax for Accountant. Hubby and I go to Marco Polo restaurant at the casino for dinner and afterwards try our hand at BlackJack (we lost!)
3 Jan (today) - going wedding/bridesmaid shopping with Nicole
4 Jan (tomorrow) - spend the day writing new programs/recommendations for clients in preparation for returning to work on the 12th
5 Jan (Monday) - Hubby and I going to Rainforest Massage for a 1 hr massage, 1 hr facial and 50 minutes in the spa with champagne and chocolates.
6 Jan (Tuesday) - nothing planned yet
7 Jan (Wednesday) - I hop on plane and head to spend a few days with Katie in Sydney where she is taking me to Le Grand Cirque Aerial Dreams and afterparty.
10th (Saturday) - I hop on plane to come back home and spend one last night with Hubby without children
11th (Sunday) - Sofie and Jayden arrive home with big brother Jason who is then staying for 2 weeks.
12th (Monday) - I go back to work and start Phase 1 of Competition Preparation

Overall I've had a fantastic holiday and festive season enjoying a few more indulgences than usual resulting in feeling a little soft and squiggy but enjoyed being a little looser and celebrating life living each day as if I were to die tomorrow. There's been some doubts and testing times along the way having to take a step back and assess my direction a few days ago but I'm happy to say that I've managed much better than last year when indulging a bit more pulling it straight back into line the following day rather than continuing on which is what I've done in the past. I've trained everyday, except for Xmas Day and New Years Day. My muscles are growing, my mind in growing. My enthusiasm for 2009 is growing. Belated Happy New Year everyone!