Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Scale weight = down 0.1 to 67.4 kg (silly bitch)

Training = 6 x 30/90 elliptical intervals early morning, later chest & pushing shoulders with Liz

Feeling = To put it bluntly - F@#ked with a capital "F". I've turned into a flat, carb depleted, fuzzy headed zombie barely making it through the days. I've been crazily chasing a number. Today I ask myself "WHY"? Is feeling like this worth my quality of life. Pushing my body to its limit consuming less calories than what I'm burning through exercise let alone just breathing and doing normal daily activities just waiting for my body to shut down and collapse. Stupid, stupid girl. I was so tired yesterday afternoon after picking my daughter up from school I had to have a nap then of course I couldn't get to sleep last night. Got back up again and sitting with hubby knew I needed starchy's but wanted to get into the 66's this morning. I finally got to sleep later than usual only to be woken at 1 am and lay awake till just after 3 am. Turned my alarm off and secretly hoped I'd sleep through and wouldn't wake to go train my two early morning clients. But not so. Woke again at 4.12 am. Got ready, headed to gym and did a HIIT session forcing my body further into the ground. My head is spacey. I look like shit. Enough is enough. Wake up to yourself Shelley. You cannot continue like this. You'll end up dead! On that note I'm off to have a HUGE bowl of oats, powder, honey, banana and sultanas. Disclaimer - this is not indicative of individual persons results.