Saturday, November 8, 2008



Scale weight - down 0.1 kg (Total for week down 0.6) (Grand total 2.4 in 2 weeks)

Training - 1 hr walk in morning, lunchtime legs with Liz (squats, full deadlifts, lunges)

Feeling - A little under pressure and a little bit stressed. 6.1 kilos in 5 weeks to go scares me. Know that I have been doing everything right and had to be reminded by Coach that scale weight is not linear.


Scale weight - down 0.5 kg (Yes!!! Now that's more like it)

Training - Took an unplanned rest day due to knee pain indicating they need a break. Had to ditch RPM - boo hoo!

Feeling - Relieved. 5.6 kg's in 5 weeks seems much more doable. Looking at myself in the mirror and thinking that I'm looker better, leaner, even OK then I receive by email photos I had Nicole take last night and realise that photos tell the true story and that I still have a way to go. I see just how much fat my arse holds but can at least laugh about it.

Although I backed out of RPM this morning I still headed over to Indro for morning tea with Liz and kiddies and Tara, Rob and their kiddies. It was great to catch up again with Tara with some interesting conversation being had (wink wink). My hubby has taken our children away to visit an Aunty in Moree before Christmas. I didn't want to go (read step outside my comfort zone or routine) so am batching for the weekend and as much as I love my family I'm sooooo enjoying having the whole weekend to myself. Last night after helping Nicole out with a boxing session she came over to my house for dinner and we enjoyed a homecooked Thai Tom Yum fish, prawns and lots of veges followed of course by our skinny cows. There was lots of girly gossip going on.

As you may have guessed from the title today I'm having a paleo day and eating like a cavewoman. I'd been considering having one for a few days now but just couldn't bring myself to have one when I thought I HAD to. Now, because I'm feeling more relaxed again I'm doing it because I WANT to and enjoying lots and lots of veges, prawns, fish and even one of my hamburger patties. Big banana prawns were on special yesterday for $12 a kilo so of course I bought a whole kilo all for myself. And even though today is paleo I'm still having one of "my things" tonight; that being crunchy caramel lindt chocolate. As Jeanelle says "having nothing is just as bad as a binge".