Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Scale weight = up 0.3 kg.

Training today = I got ditched today by Liz as she's been brought down with dirty bugs so I trained at my gym today working chesty and bicepys then tackled the elliptical for some 30/15/30/45 sort of workout. 1st interval in heart rate over and above 100% max, same for 2nd, 3rd and 4th and this stuffed bunny had to pull the pin and stick with steady state to finish off followed by 10 mins slow tready walking on highest incline, stretch then enjoyed every single gram of my 80 grams of oats and protein powder.

Feeling = Fabulous although a little shattered at the moment. Maybe an arvo nap is in order today! I did sleep in this morning as I went to bed last night without setting my alarm. Hubby woke me at 5.10 am which is 27 minutes later than I normally rise - shit, hurried out the door with bed hair in full swing - scary!

Narna na nar nar - so what, I'm still a rock star! Yep, got me some PINK tickets. Actually got 2 lots. Saturday night first then better tickets on Friday night so I'm going Friday (dance floor/mosh pit) and selling the Saturday night ones. If you're interested shoot me a comment.

Baskin Robbins icecream is getting a whirl this arvo and I'm going to savour every lick!!

Chow baby