Monday, December 15, 2008


Following on from last fabulous Friday. What an amazing weekend it was. After the photo shoot and organization of photos in the afternoon was a fantastic dinner at The Grove Establishment, Ashgrove with Katie and Nicole. Saturday morning Katie and I headed over to Indro Fitness First where I participated in Liz' RPM class (this time there was air con). A yummy viet rice paper rolls and chat followed then Katie and I headed home to spend the afternoon by our pool before heading for a nanna nap. We then got all glammed up and headed out with Liz, Nicole and Shannon to The Green Papaya for a beautiful vietnamese dinner ending the evening at Freestyle dessert cafe. A wonderful evening spent with great friends.

Sunday morning Katie and I headed for our first swim training session (10 x 50 mtr laps). She'll tell you the details as it was her idea. The rest of the day was again spent lazing and chatting by our pool before taking her back to the airport. Hubby and I went out for dinner and dessert again last night which ended a fabulous long weekend (our kids were put on a plane to our home town last Thursday so we've been responsibility free until this Wednesday night when we head down ourselves for xmas with our families).

Needless to say the scales are up a kilo this morning, as expected, which means jack shit anyway. I expect a downwards movement in the next couple of days.

Training today: 40 minute early morning walk/run, not long ago trained chest, biceps and posing in my garage (help - I can't feel my arms now) and when hubby arrives home this evening we're heading for my 2nd swim training session (this time 12 laps).

Feeling: The weekend was everything I wanted and more. I lived in the moment and behaved moderately and balanced. The new and improved Shelley has now been unleashed and is living the life she's always imagined. Looking forward to each and every day and the opportunities it brings.