Thursday, November 27, 2008


Scale weight = down 0.4 to 68.2 kg (you go girlfriend!)

Training = 20 minutes circuit style

Feeling = A little lightheaded but nothing that an 80 gram bowl of oats and protein powder couldn't fix. Other than that all good. Was briefly a little worried this morning to see that I am still dropping. Hoping there's no muscle loss along with the fat. Not going to complicate it and put too much thought into it. Just keep going!

I’ve been thinking about Deb’s post on “What matters most is how you see yourself”.

This is quite often an overlooked aspect to achieving our goals. It’s our self image. If our self image isn’t in line with our goals, our goals will not be achieved. If our self image supports our goals, goals become much easier to achieve. If our self image is in conflict with what we want to achieve then we will not achieve any long-term success with our desired goal.

Our minds are our most powerful asset. We subconsciously perform actions that will support our identity. Yet most people (myself included) allow their minds to be their greatest barrier. People who live remarkable lives and achieve extraordinary things think differently than people who lead average lives. Take Arnold Schwarzenegger for example. He won 7 Mr Olympia titles by believing in himself and having a positive attitude.

We can condition our brains for greater success and this is the “secret” to achieving our potential. We can train our brain to think bigger and more creatively, just like we can condition our muscles to grow bigger and become stronger.

When I started seeing Jeanelle I had to write out my “old” rules and my “new” rules. Yesterday we backtracked and went through them again. I was able to confidently tick off 5 out of 7 as being practiced and now my “normal”.

Do you have limiting beliefs about your abilities? If so, write out what the beliefs should be to truly be an accurate representation of your abilities.