Monday, July 28, 2008


I did as I said last week and focussed a lot more on family time and time for me incorporating the arvo nap every day except Wednesday which ensured come the end of the week I wasn't tired and reaching for a sugar fix turn binge! I stayed away from the scales and ticked off the boxes each day ensuring training hard and eating consistently. All in all a great week which had me feeling a lot better about everything and working towards my goals for the future.

The results of my food sensitivity test taken from a hair sample also arrived from Japan. It seems (if you are to believe in this) that I am sensitive to 118 different foods stressors including cottage cheese, whey, olive oil, oats, beef, ham, chicken, flax seed, macadamia, walnuts, almonds, sugars (like as if I didn't know this one), eggplant, green beans, as well as a host of other figure competitor staples. So, what the hell am I to eat I ask you? Needless to say, I'm not taking too much notice of it.

But then again on the other hand the past two days and nights has had me suffering big time with tummy grumbling (not from hunger), lots and lots of really really smelly flatulence that is nearly suffercating me let alone anyone else in the house even to the point of waking me in the middle of the night and keeping me awake for a couple of hours. My stomach is just not digesting food as it should so today I've resorted back to digestive enzymes and hydrochloric acid tablets hoping to get it under control again real soon.

An already organised and planned week ahead so fingers crossed I'll be keeping on the straight and narrow.

And for Kek, on Saturday night when awoken by my stomach I got up to have peppermint tea to try and settle it and spent the next hour internet surfing looking for Ghirardelli chocolates (the new peanut butter ones) in Australia or at least ordering in from the US but seems they don't deliver to Australia - damn! Hubby is headed to Vegas in September so might just have to bring a suitcase full back then!

Thursday, July 24, 2008


Quick post to let you know I'm still here, alive and travelling along nicely this week. After time away at Camp Eden and thinking through things I've incorporated my plan of attack this week with the arvo nap, less reading blogs and blogging myself and computer time, and spending more time on the important things like me and my family.

I'm taking time out in order to get back on track and heading in the right direction so you may not hear from me until I'm where I want to be.

Keep well, stay safe and look after number one.

Monday, July 21, 2008


After another melt down on Thursday night my weekend at Camp Eden was just what I needed. 2 days, one weekend feels like I've been on holidays for a week. I no longer have black circles under my eyes. I feel fresh and ready to tackle my world all over again. Sitting in the reflection room drinking cups of tea gave me time to think and relax. My early starts (4.45 am) each day leave me exhausted so I'm bringing back the afternoon nap starting today! I was pampered with the Camp Eden Signature Body Treatment for 2 hours on Friday and a Hot Rocks Therapeutic Massage for 1.5 hours on Saturday. I took the leap of faith at Braveheart. 24 metres high up a tree (from the platform so actually much higher from the ground). A little bit of gym work, a stretch class and 1/2 a Martial Groove (BodyCombat in disguise) released my feel good endorphins. And the food - just gorgeous. All healthy, vegetarian, lots of veges, salads and fruit but a few times had me thinking "where's the protein?" Lots of sleeping and lazing about also plus a little sauna and steaming. If you're ever looking for time out from your hectic life or need to find yourself again this is the place to go. Feel free to contact me if you want more details. It's just an amazing place and I'm definately going back.

Thursday, July 17, 2008


Here's where I'm headed early tomorrow morning:

This was my xmas present from my darling husband last year which I haven't had time to have yet so tomorrow morning he's taking me down, dropping me off then picking me up Sunday afternoon.

And this is what he's also included (he made this up):

So I've gotta go pack now.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Notice my blog difference?

The beautiful Debs (aka Splice) did this for me. Isn't she wonderful and clever! So, thank you, thank you. I love it.


I couldn't decide which one inspired me more so decided to post both. However the sheer determination of GI Jane blows my mind. I AM going to be this strong!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


I only took a few pics last weekend on my crappy old camera as hubby had taken the new one to China but thought these ones were absolutely gorgeous of the girls who are growing huge. Consider these the before photos as I'm sure the after ones will be too HUGE to fit in a blog post.
I'm not posting a photo of mwah as I'm already too huge for publication (lol). Nah, it's all good still. Just taking one day at a time and really looking forward to the future and all that it brings.

Monday, July 14, 2008


I'm sooooo snowed under with work but wanted to just write a quick post.

Our weekend in Melbourne for the All Females Classic was absolutely one of the best weekends I've every had. Hanging with like minded gal pals Liz, KatieP and Shannon proved to be more fun than expected. I can't remember laughing so much. Thanks Girls. We all took away something different from the weekend which was amazing.

And meeting other gorgeous friends Kerryn, Charlotte, Shar, Ursula, Lia, Wendy and seeing Lindy, Jo, Lisa and others (I know I've missed someone?) again was fantastic.

My energy has been renewed by the inspiring girls who competed on the weekend. Erica, you looked gorgeous. Congratulations on your completing your first competition. I'm so pumped again and now know that yes I do want to compete again so next year "it's all about me". Oh, hang on that's you Katie isn't it? I'm gonna be f*@kin HUUUUGGGGGGEEEE! I can see it already. So, I'm in my mass building phase and using this off-season to grow!

Some exciting things are happening in my future - bring it on - can't wait.

OK, gotta go eat now so my muscles can get bigger.

More later.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Warning - Gross Post Coming Up !!

For those of you that have a weak stomach (and I don't mean muscularity wise) you may not want to read below:

I experienced something new today - Colon Hydrotherapy!

I'd been thinking about detoxing and basically having a good clean out for a while now and strangely enough it was mentioned to me the other day at my gym by another competitor. After googling and reading the benefits I decided to give it a go. Not for weight loss or any other stupid reason but simply to have a clean out after the problems I had with digestion and bloating before comp and still a little now also.

The colon is the major part of sewerage system for solid waste and toxins from the body. Not only removes waste, but also helps the completion of digestive process and absorbing of important nutrients, minerals and vitamins.

Waste material, especially which has remained in the colon for some time creates several problems. These wastes are quite poisonous and they can re-enter and circulate in the blood stream making us feel ill, tired or weak. It can also weaken the immune system, and cause digestive problems, headaches, depression, infection, tiredness, or to even more severe health problems.

They can also inhibit muscular action causing both or either constipation or diarrhea.

It's the quickest and most effective way of removing toxic matters form the bowel by basically putting a hose up your bum and flushing water in whilst a pulsating action in the colon works as an internal massage and then all the shit comes out.

And you can see what's in there when it comes out. Carrots easily recognisable! And I had a lot of crap in there! Apparently, it can stick to the bowel wall for ages and ages. So I'm now shit free for a couple of hours anyway unless I don't eat again which isn't likely to EVER happen.

The best part - at the end I got to use a bidet - warm water to wash the bum.

OK, so that's enough. Hope you not eating dinner whilst reading this (lol).

PS My blood tests I had a couple of weeks ago didn't show anything too dramatic or wrong. My immunoglobulin IgE count was 955 ku/L (normal range 0 - 100) which refers to allergy's but a skin prick test last week proved only that I'm allergic to cat hair (we have a cat), dust mites and grasses but no food. A couple of other things on the lower side of normal but nothing to worry about. Liver function just needs to be re-tested in a couple of months as it was slightly outside normal. I've sent a sample of my hair to Japan today for food sensitivity testing but not sure how accurate this will be but thought it worth a try.

Monday, July 7, 2008

So organised it's sickening!

So today's run like clockwork. No dramas, no stress, just plain sailing for me! I'm feeling really great, brimming with focus and confidence and looking forward not backwards. Yesterdays day of planning and preparation has really eased today and hopefully the rest of the week. Everything today done, dusted and ticked off the list including train clients, train myself (weights and cardio), answer online client weekly reports, place product orders, make phone calls including one to bank to ask for international transaction fees to be reversed on my visa since I'm such a great client. Yes, I got my visa bill from my trip - yikes! eat healthy, nutritious food, look after kids - oops forgot that one - best go pick them up from school and friends - chow.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Still Just Taking it Easy

The past few days have been quite good. Training done, eats quite good but most importantly mental status is calmer. I've been reading a psychology book with regards to weight loss that the wonderful KatieP managed to source for me and am finding it really interesting and also inspiring and motivational. One chapter on mindfulness and savoring refers to Zen Buddhism and tells of three important questions we should ask ourselves about choosing where our mind is at and what it is focused on:

1 Where are you? Answer = here
2 What time is it? Answer = now
3 How hungry am I? Answer = ?

I've been practising these questions throughout the days. Not about to turn into a monk or anything but do find anything to do with the mind and how it works quite interesting. As I tell my clients "your mind is your most powerful muscle".

Not once have I thought that I may have made a mistake giving up my rpm teaching. I'm still really relieved that this week there'll be no stress in re-learning choreo.

Hubby's taken off to China for work this morning for a week so I've been to the dvd shop and grabbed the kids a heap of dvd's this morning (it's cold and miserable weather) so I can get organised and planning for the week ahead. Luckily my eldest son is flying up tomorrow night so I'll have some help with babysitting in order for me to still be able to work early mornings.

Did a bit of baking yesterday, which is not really my thing, but a nice change to have warm, healthy muffins (raspberry & walnut) and pancakes (protein) for arvo tea especially since we had visitors staying with us over the weekend. Even the kids liked them.

Lunch time now. Hope you are all having a great weekend.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

What's Your Opinion?

This week has been one of tears, stress, decision making and basically emotional instability however yesterday was hopefully a turning point in my journey of life.

Of course the main issue at the moment is the few kilos I've brought home from Vegas. I want them goorrnnee and NOW but unfortunately we all know it doesn't happen that way. I've had to reassess my life, my goals, my dreams in order to regain some kind of control on my emotional state.

The first achievement was realising that no matter what size I am, I'm still me and yes I'm not exactly thrilled with how I look at the moment but I just need to put the paddle in and paddle away slow and steady in order to win the race. No point busting my guts with training and strict food intake and ending up in a physically and mentally exhausted heap. If I'm consistent, and practice patience it will come off. And as the wonderful Kek pointed out - "it's only fat" (thank you). I've also made the decision this week to end my teaching of rpm. I've battled on with it for six months, stressing every week before having to teach and I decided that I don't need this extra stress in my life. I LOVE rpm but I love participating, not teaching. I'd also rather put the extra energy into being a successful personal trainer which is where my passion lies.

The scales are away, the logging of food has stopped, and back to PN basics have been implemented and finding the BALANCE is my focus. And as I turned my calendar over to July today it read "ACHIEVEMENT Live the life you've imagined".

On another note, after my training today I was taking some time out for me and doing some stretching, which I must admit rarely happens when another gym goer came over to congratulate me and talk about competing and training, etc. Anyway, to cut a long story short she told me I looked "healthy". In the shower a short time later I got thinking "what do people mean when they say healthy?" What do you think? What's your definition?

PS A HUGE thank you to my friends Liz, Katie, Deb, Shannon, Carolyn, Kerryn and Nicole for your listening ears, support, advice, encouragement and friendship this week.