Tuesday, September 30, 2008



What sort of friggin' name is:

"Reverse Psychology Bike Intervals" ????

Some crazy bloody woman by the name of Liz devised this ridiculous, torturous workout that just about kills you. I was hating you this morning and I'm pretty sure Nicole didn't like you very much either. I'm so gonna get you back when you're fixed.

Who else wants payback?

Monday, September 29, 2008



Is tracking along nicely. Got Liz on the job again of whipping me into tip top shape with a goal in the future in mind and together training with Liz and Nicole is having me look forward to each and every session. I'm getting stronger and leaner at the same time which is a fantastic feeling.

Mentally I'm feeling really strong. Doing some great work with my psyche and learning that I am far stronger that I ever believed.

Food has been really enjoyable and moderate now that I'm no longer "on" a diet but rather just eating what it is I feel like.

Hubby arrived home yesterday morning after being away in Vegas for week the past week. Guess what he brought me home? Another 2 litres of duty free Absolut Vodka so now I have a total of 6 litres. Think he's trying to tell me something?

My eldest son arrived on Saturday night for a week in the holidays so has been hogging my computer again so I haven't really had a chance to do any work. As well my daughter came home from her week away so now it's a full house again.

Work is going really well. I've got really lovely clients and some are doing fantastically well which makes my job really easy and enjoyable. There's always the few that are hard work but this is what tests me and helps me become an even better trainer.

Really looking forward to helping Gil get ready this weekend to step on stage at INBA. She's a beautiful girl who is going to shine on stage. She has an awesome set of abs so look out for those.

Have a great week everyone

Saturday, September 27, 2008


Just arrived home from the Qld ANB show on the Gold Coast where Liz' client Tara was competing. I was only able to stay for the pre-judging so don't know the final result but wouldn't tell you anyway as I'll let Tara and Liz do the honours but Tara looked absolutely gorgeous. She held herself really well on stage and was smashing!

A big congrats too to Raechelle who competed also. Her line up looked close. She also looked beautiful.

Can't wait to hear the final result later on tonight.

Friday, September 26, 2008


Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives (now that was a blast from the past).

It seems we're all doing it, trying to find the "balance" that is. Between work, family, exercise, eating, sleeping it is consuming our thoughts and feelings.

I think I had an "ah-ha" moment yesterday. What to eat, when to eat, have I trained, can I have starchy carbs, pre-workout meal, post-workout meal, protein, carbs, fats, veges, supplements. It's all bullshit!

I'm sick and tired of always thinking about it. I agree there's a time and place for all of this. And it's all good stuff but when it consumes your every thought then that's not healthy nor living. What is healthy is eating what you feel like (within reason of course). I eat healthy, nutritious food most of the time because I really really enjoy it. The taste, the texture, the smell. But on occasions I want to eat shit just because it tastes so god damn good. If I don't feel like my planned chicken and veges for dinner but rather oats and powder - what's wrong with that? I shouldn't have to ask myself have I trained so can I have starchy carbs. Even though I may be termed an "athlete" I want to eat "normally" but what is normal?

Friend and Coach Liz says "normal" is:

- eating well most of the time and being able to switch gears if you truly want to eat something different
- totally normal to eat for reasons other than hunger, sometimes just for the sheer joy of it
- normal to wake up and not always feel like "eating healthy" or veggies or whatever
- totally normal not to feel like cooking and have oats for dinner

And my beautiful friend Katie wrote to me earlier and mentioned a few very valid points which she's going to turn into a blog post later (I hope) as she's such a better writer than me.

So, from this point forward I declare I will not restrict or deprive myself of any food on this earth. Everything in moderation!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Liz and I reflected on what we deemed to be disasters or at least stressful situations in the weeks leading up to our competitions. For me it was having to move house 2 weeks before my first comp. For Liz it was flooding the house. This discussion came about when a client of mine who I've been preparing for her first comp, along with Liz' help, had her little boy in hospital a couple of times over the past couple of weeks. Just wondered what everyone else has had happen to them? Kerryn your life doesn't count! (just joking).

Speaking of my client - here she is yesterday. Introducing the gorgeous Gilienne.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

So This is What I've Been Doing Wrong !!

I can't believe I've been doing it wrong all this time.

I'm so glad I found out about this. We must all spread the word.

The correct way to weigh yourself.

Monday, September 15, 2008


When we begin to take our failures non-seriously, it means we are ceasing to be afraid of them. It is of immense importance to learn to laugh at ourselves.

Katherine Mansfield (1888-1923)
New Zealand Author

Sunday, September 14, 2008


"Every challenge is an opportunity to discover all that we can be"

Saturday, September 13, 2008

What I Love About Running in the Early Morning

- I get to see the sun rise
- The air is fresh and crisp
- It's time out
- I get to think
- It's just me and the open road
- I can listen to the music I love
- I can sing out loud and as loud as I want:

When I grow up I wanna be famous, I wanna be a star, I wanna be in movies. When I grow up I wanna see the world, drive nice cars, I wanna have boobies...............

And it makes me feel friggin' awesome!!!

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Happy Birthday to you

Happy Birthday to you

Happy Birthday dear Liz

Happy Birthday to you

Hibbip Hooray, Hibbip Hooray


Join me in wishing Liz a happy birthday on Friday.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Yes OR No ??

Do you or don't you eat the string of poop down a prawns back?

One Size Does NOT Fit All !!

Inspired by KatieP's vegetarianism eating post and speaking with Liz today on what's working for her thought I'd share what a carnivorous athlete is eating today:

5 am - 25g pea protein, serve biotest superfood, 10 mls flaxseed oil blended into shake
7.30 am - 150g curry beef mince, 200g asparagus and english spinach
10.15 am - 150g garlic and rosemary lamb, 200g english spinach and silverbeet (this is before my strength training with Liz and I figure if popeye got strong eating spinach then I will too)
11 am - during training biotest surge
12.30 pm - post workout 40g oats, serve protein powder
3.30 pm - 200g fresh fish with cajun spices, 100g snow peas, 100g green beans, 50g cottage cheese
6 pm - 180g curry prawns, 100g broccoli, 100g zucchini, 20g raw cashews
8 pm - 30g raw mixed nuts & pumpkin seeds

Just over 2000 calories. Protein and veg with each feeding and some healthy fats. Some days I have steak, some days turkey mince, some days chicken. Obviously being the carb tolerant one I am I need to chuck in a high carb day every few days but all part of the experiment. What works for you??

Monday, September 8, 2008


I'm just loving life. Everything's working. I'm happy. What more could a girl want?

Sunday, September 7, 2008


Last night I went to the Treasury Casino for a Hen's Night. What a fabulous night it turned out to be. We dined at the Marco Polo (5 star) restaurant which had me thinking about my book "French Women Don't Get Fat" and the reason why. Each course was a small serving. Enough to be satisfied and therefore not enough to feel stuffed and really full afterwards. I was really proud of myself and again practiced my learnings of late. I declined the bread, had a side of steamed bok choy in oyster sauce for entree and an entree size green curry prawns (3 prawns) with pickled cucumber for main with veges also. I didn't order a dessert but had a taste of someone elses. My only downfall was the complimentary chocolates at the end brought with the bill which I think I had 2 or 3. By this stage I was quite merry on my cosmopolitans and vodkas so willpower had flown right out the window.

After dinner we headed to the LiveWire bar for a bit of dancing. This is where it got funny or at least I thought so. Security kept asking me to take my hat off. Of course, I didn't want to because I'd have hat hair so being the cheeky, rebellious gal I am would take it off then put it back on when they walked away. After about the fifth time I was told "ma'am - if I have to tell you one more time we're going to ask you to leave". Seriously, do I look like a security risk?

After getting lost from the rest of the group it was time for me to head on home in the early hours of the morning. Thought I'd put on a brave face this morning and head for a cardio interval session with my training partner which I realised about 20 mins in, when I wanted to ralph, probably wasn't such a smart move. Apparently I reaked of alcohol too. Anyway, got a short session done and feeling much better this afternoon. On a good note, the scales went down 1.5 kilos this morning - gotta love dehydration, until tomorrow when they go back up that is!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


I'm feeling so god damn good lately, it's scary! I keep waiting for the big fall but each day just keeps getting better and better. I'm feeling strong (both mentally and physically) and getting leaner each and every day which of course is pleasing me greatly. I'm practicing positivity, positive self talk and visualisation.

Today was my leg training session with Liz and she made me get "low, low, low". I didn't even realise the song was playing during my warm-up with spidy's until she started singing and doing a little dance so fun and laughter then had by both of us.

Today marks day 3 of my low cal/carb day and I'm hanging out for a high day tomorrow with oats featured twice, quinoa, sweet potato, brown rice and ezekiel bread. I realised by around 2 pm this arvo I was quickly becoming carb depleted when nearly falling asleep in the doctors surgery waiting room and feeling and looking very flat.

As soon as I can (and bear the thought of fasting till 8 am) I'm off to pathology for some more testing; this time cortisol, hGH, testosterone, progesterone, oestrogen, liver function as well as a stool sample checking digestion issues. I'm interested to see the results of these ones.

My meeting with the 700 cal chick yesterday went quite well. I think she took on board all that I had to say as well as all the data I had typed out for her backing up my explanations. I guess only time will tell if she puts my recommendations into practice.

Does anyone have a bikini they might want to sell?