Friday, November 28, 2008


Scale weight = same at 68.2 kg (down 1.4 kg since last Friday, grand total = 5.3 kg in 5 weeks, 2 weeks to go to reach goal of 65, reckon I can do it?)

Training = 30 min early morning hill walk/run, chest later on. Liz' little miss is sick so I'm going to train in my garage after taking kids to school. Might have another walk later on)

Feeling = For the first time since moving to Brisbane in May 2007 I feel a little homesick after my sister sent me some photos of our family home in Singleton after she had done some repainting of the bamboo around our pool. We bought our block of land, did some excavation and had our dream home built. And not long before we left had our very first pool put in. Hubby and I spent many many hours building retaining walls, paving, and creating a fabulous outdoor entertaining area of which many a party was had including my 30th and his 40th. It was our little piece of paradise in a bushland setting. I have many fond memories of "The Glade" and although I LOVE Brisbane and say I'm never going home the photos did make me miss it and reflect on how much my life has changed.