Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Yesterday something extraordinary happened. I've been travelling along quite nicely, notching up the training a fraction by including a couple of swim sessions along with my usual early morning walk/jog and strength training. I've been coping with slight hunger here and there quite well but yesterday I was really really hungry. And by that I mean ravenously starving. Around 2.30pm I was crashing big time so ate my afternoon tea early and continually drinking gallons of water. At 5 pm I could wait no longer so ate dinner. Didn't even touch the sides. I stopped and asked myself was it true hunger or rather a feeling. The answer - definately hunger. 6.30 pm dessert and total calories for the day consumed. By this stage I was ready to eat the entire contents of the pantry and fridge (think chocolates and lollies) but told myself that I don't do that anymore. I asked myself what did I need to do? I immediately knew - a big bowl of oats, powder, sultanas and honey. The time was now 7.20 pm. Again at 8 pm I needed more. I had no reason to eat for the sake of it but my body was really wanting more so again another bowl of oats, powder, sultanas and honey taking my total calories to 2500, just under maintenance. So with 120 grams of oats and the accompaniments I expected the scales to rise this morning but instead they dropped again by 0.3 kg's. Obviously my metabolism was on fire! Sometimes it's better to eat more food, giving your body what it wants rather than holding out and then going ballistic. I've learnt this through experience. I still think the scales lied at 66.1 and think I'd be more like in the 65's again. Today I'm back on an evel keel and cruising.