Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Scale weight = down 0.5 to 68.6 kg (Do I feel lucky - well do ya punk?)

Training = 25 min early morning walk/jog followed by awesome arm assault (biceps/triceps) with Nicole then 20 min elliptical workout.

Feeling = Absolutely bloody amazing!

My alarm went off at 4:02 am today, but I didn't really need the alarm. In fact, I had woken up about 3:45 or so with pretty good energy and hopped out of bed at 4:15.

Why? Well, I've got a mission. And I've got a deadline.

This mission? To help as many people as possible enjoy the vast benefits of training hard and with intensity however today wasn't about my clients. It was about me and my training. Wednesday morning is the only morning I don't train others but train myself with Nicole's help and encouragement and that extra push that we don't often give ourselves. I have to make mention here of how hard Nicole is training. Her poor body is continually sore with doms. She's being consistent with her nutrition. Only hiccup - god damn piece of metal is not cooperating BUT she's sticking with it and deadset gonna smash them to pieces very soon.

Deadline? Well, the mission has emerged out of a desire to better myself. A powerful mission along with my motivation to live lean and love life (quote "Liz") seemed to get the job done in lighting a very hot fire under my butt.

What I've found in the last four weeks is an amazing ability to cut through the crap and make choices in a few moments that I had been dilly-dallying with for months and months since competing in May.

Having a clear goal (matched with my personal mission and beliefs) and a deadline seems to be the perfect ignition for lighting that fire within.

We have a fabulous morning crowd at our gym (Genesis Windsor). Everyone talks to everyone and it's a really welcoming and encouraging approach to training. In the coming weeks I'm going to take my camera and take some photos of the fantastic atmosphere we have created.

As Clint Eastwood would say "ask yourself one question". What's your mission? And how can you apply a deadline to it?