Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Scale weight = 66.4 kg (yep - got the drop I expected)

Training = 30 min early morning walk, supposed to be posterior chain training, did 4 sets of deadlifts then got a bit sidetracked. Was lost without my training partner Nicole this morning. Ended up doing lying hamstring curls supersetted with single leg deadlifts, squats and overhead presses, preacher curls and tricep pushups, woodchops, pullthroughs, ab and core work. Not in this order but a great workout all the same. Finished off with a light jog for 15 minutes then called it a day.

Feeling = really really really good. I like the way I look. Am conscious of the fact that this is not the end but rather the beginning of a happier, leaner me. When I competed I got there and threw my hands in the air thinking it was the end but this photo shoot was just a means to get where I want to go only this time I'll keep going. A little more body fat to drop then maintaining over xmas and the new year period before preparing for May.

Today is a busy busy day. Just about to head to work to train 4 clients then off to see Jeanelle before going for the full hair treatment - cut, colour, blowdry then eyebrow wax and tint then finally coming home for dinner and collapsing into bed I suspect. I've got my handy little red esky bag packed and ready to roll. Right let's get to it!