Saturday, March 14, 2009


Scale weight = same at 62.8 kg (taken like a grain of salt)

Training = 30 min tready walk before breaky, after breaky promised Jayden a walk in the pram

Feeling = Wow, what a powerful week it's been. I've grown, somewhat matured into a strong beast, an animal, roaming wild and free, taking on any challenge in it's path. Winning the battles, becoming my own hero, a legend in my own time. Wait just a minute whilst I pull myself out of my arse (ha ha). No, seriously - it's been such a fantastic week for human growth and self-exploration. Forgive me for being selfish and just wanting some time to myself. Yesterday I really started to miss all my blogging friends so decided it's time to open up again.

My sister and her family are arriving this morning for the weekend on their 4 week trip around Qld plus Dave's mum (MIL) is arriving this afternoon for just over a week. I'm looking forward to seeing them all, especially my two butthead nephews, but also having a helping hand around the house and with the kids next week allowing me to recover even more. I feel a bit weak strength wise after being sick and run down but no doubt that will return soon enough.