Friday, March 20, 2009


Scale weight = don't know, don't care - I'm still a rock star!

Training = 5.30 am 30 mins cardio intervals, 7 am Workout E (the end of A to E - new program next week)

Feeling = I have a date, a target, a goal - yippee (claps hands). Yep, little goals along the path on the way to the stage. Thursday, 2 April (approaching 6 wks out) a photo shoot with Gym Funky. I'll be using this opportunity for a practice run of loading, depleting, manipulating to see how I look and will then be able to assess if I need to make changes to my plan. So, I'm getting pimped out and pumped up and modelling some funky outfits (check out the range NOW if you haven't already seen it - end of season sale on now too!)

Last night I was all hyped up ready for a smashing kickboxing session eating my beloved red frogs for energy on the drive there only to find out we got the times wrong and the class wasn't till later on. I hadn't eaten dinner and the time was too late for this little bunny so had to give it a miss. Instead came home and enjoyed a family dinner of roast lamb stuffed with whole cloves of garlic and baked covered in wholegrain mustard then after a shower proceeded to prance around the house in my pj's and hooker heels and eating dessert of icecream with chocolate topping with a smashed crunchie on top.
Trained my little legend early this morning. It's so exciting to see improvements week after week. The satisfaction and pleasure I get from doing a job I love and helping others is positive reinforcement that I've found my niche and continually inspires and motivates me to be the best I can be.