Sunday, March 29, 2009


Scale weight = 61.6 kg

Training = 6.30 am Back/Triceps/Shoulders + 30 mins steady state cardio (10 a piece bike, elliptical, tready)

Feeling = Particularly good. Had a nice sleep in this morning before getting up to train. Just finished 2nd breaky. Surprisingly not hungry with lower cals for a few days and actually enjoying what I'm eating. Nicole, Em (other bridesmaid) and I mentioned yesterday doesn't really matter what it is we just LOVE food. Shame you can't live without it but since we must gotta savour and enjoy the different textures, flavours and smells.
Day 2 photos have been delayed this morning as we had guests over last night who ending up staying over. Since I was the only sober one (for a change) I offered to take them home but their kids were asleep so t'was easier just to bunk here. They're just finishing off their greasy hangover breaky before heading home then I'll get stuck in some more food prep for the next couple of days.