Sunday, March 22, 2009


Training = Complete rest day
Feeling = I could feel the downward spiral starting on Friday night then by yesterday morning I had reached rock bottom. The words "over it", "sick of it", "had enough", came to mind. I had put in extra effort this week to receive what I felt was minimal reward and gain. I felt like I was fighting a losing battle. Lots of carbs later and I was a different person. I went to see Jo. The woman is worth her weight in gold! I spent a couple of hours with her going through training, nutrition with many questions answered for me. And finally finished off with posing. I had forgotten how hard it was and obviously I haven't been posing as hard at home. My lower back this morning is very sore. I'm stepping away from the scales for a while as I don't need them to tell me what I can see in the mirror and feel with my fingers.
We had a great night last night and I'm happy this morning I'm not hungover as I only had a few drinks. Here's a couple of my favourite family pics.