Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Training = 5.40 am Day 3 (Chest/Biceps/Front & Rear Delts). Here I was thinking what another fantastic weights session I had this morning and then I joined Sue for 1/2 of my "Squat 200" cardio session she was doing and holy fucken hell we smashed it and I feel AWESOME!!

Feeling = Whilst working with online clients yesterday I got thinking about how my clients are like chocolates to me. I like all of my clients (otherwise I wouldn't train them) but I do have a few "favourites". I think I love helping and training them so much cause they are similar to me. They're dedicated, self motivated, they have the desire, they love training hard, are not scared to push hard and heavy, they motivate and inspire me in different ways but most of all they love learning, trial and error, improvement, and working on being the best they possibly can. Today's picture is dedicated to you all (Marie, Melinda, Kylie, Sue, Hilary & Danae). Of course they have their bad days, as do I, but they never give in or give up. Girls - you rock! Keep up the great work.

As I said above my training is rocking, I'm feeling fabulous and looking forward to a vietnamese dinner tonight with Liz and Carolyn.