Friday, March 13, 2009


Scale weight = down 0.3 to 62.8 kg (you're going down bro!)

Training = 30 minute walk before breaky, might go for another walk this arvo

Feeling = On an even keel! Confident! I know what I'm doing! I slept most of the day on Wednesday, 9 hours sleep Wednesday night then went back to bed yesterday for a couple of hours after taking kids to school. Another 8 hours sleep last night and I'm feeling a whole lot better. I haven't slept so much in ages. Must have done me the world of good cause I'm starting to feel normal (human) again. I decided to start taking measurements this morning and see what goes on there athough I'm quite aware that these too can be just as inaccurate as the scales depending on where exactly you take them and how tight you pull the tape each time. Mmmm, pancakes with chocolate topping and ice-cream for breakfast.