Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Scale weight = 61.4 kg

Training = Absolutely feckin nothing! Don't wanna use up any of the carbs going in today. Was strange to arrive at work this morning and not be training. Even a member commented that it was unusual that they arrived and I wasn't already there "having a go".

Feeling = Aaaahhhhh my luscious carbs are back on the menu today. New record set - 100 grams of oats (in one sitting) but holy shit (literally). They went straight through me. I actually did have trouble getting them all in. I loved my posing lesson with Jo yesterday and got my new bikini - I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! We've come up with a new tricep pose for me which shows off my obliques. Gotta keep practising all my poses though. I think I'm doing great when at home then I go see Jo and she twists and turns me in all directions to bring out the best and hide the flaws. I feel like a contortionist.