Thursday, March 26, 2009


Training = 4.30 am 45 mins cardio mix (absolutely smacked it this morning)

Feeling = I'm probably one of a minority of people that actually likes water. This week in an effort to shock the shit out of my body and drop more fat one tactic I've employed is drinking a lot more water as well as herbal tea. But the downside is peeing all the time. I have to go immediately before leaving the house, make sure there's a loo at my destination, carry a rounded belly full of water, get up in the middle of the night to go, get woken from my daytime slumber with my bladder screaming at me. And what is it with asparagus that makes your wizz smelly? Anyway, lucky for me this week has been quiet and I've spent a lot of time at home making best friends with the dunny.

Whatever I've done this week I have a feeling has been bloody advantageous in the fat loss department. I look heaps leaner, especially in the legs which are the last place for the fat to piss off from. I'm yet to do an official first thing in the morning weigh-in but have had a sneak peak one evening and once yesterday during the day and it's looking pretty damn fine. I'll report in once I do the deed.