Saturday, March 28, 2009


Scale weight = 62.2 kg

Training = 5.30 am Hip Dominant Legs (ouch!) + 30 mins steady state cardio (10 mins a piece - tready, elliptical, bike)

I was scheduled to do Back & Triceps again today but cannot believe how sore my upper body still is (lats, biceps & pecs) after this weeks training so decided to wait another day and focus on some butt squeezin'.

Feeling = Today marks the first day of my comp prep practice run being for the upcoming photo shoot on Thursday. Honestly, initially when going through my plan I freaked out a bit as this is a bit different from what I've done previously and obviously this scares me BUT I want to give this my best shot so will have a go and see how it works. Different isn't bad, different is just that - different! It's only for a few days and I can see if it makes much difference to my look! Better to have the chance to trial things now than leave it to chance later on. Bring it on I say!!

Just about to get hubby to take day 1 photos then off wedding jewellery shopping with the bride.