Thursday, March 19, 2009


Scale weight = Didn't get on this morning (believe it!) I'm playing a game and hoping for a surprise in a couple of days.

Training = 5.30 am 30 mins steady state cardio, 7 am Workout D, 6 pm Kickboxing class with Nicole

Feeling = Gonna kick the shit out of the pads tonight so you better be holding on tight Nicole. Gonna punch that fear to kingdom come. Gonna get mean, gonna get angry, gonna lose control, gonna go CRAZY!! Then crawl out of the room, come home, eat and sleep like a baby. That's the plan of attack anyway.

Gorgeous hubby finally arrived home last night so we're back to one big happy family again - hooray! His comment when he seen me "God babe, there's nothin' left of ya!"

Meeting up with Liz today for a long overdue lunch and catchup. I'm thinking a Vietnamese Chicken Salad - Mmmmm yummy!