Friday, March 20, 2009


Scale weight = down 0.2 to 62.5 kg (piss poor surprise tight arse)

Training = 5.30 am 45 min walk, 7 am Kettlebell Training with Miss Kettlebell Diva

Feeling = I received an email in my inbox yesterday titled "It weakens You". I was intrigued and read further and then a couple of times throughout the day. The basis of the email was asking oneself when making a decision about something whether it weakens or strengthens you. It was much more than about physical strength. It was about strenthening your entire self. It was about being your best self. I thought about the test question "Does it strengthen me or does it weaken me?" and what a great way to guide my decisions and actions. For example:

Alcohol - weakens me (as it does most)
Exercise - strengthens me
Being angry - weakens me
Enough sleep - strengthens me
Planning ahead - strengthens me
Binge eating - weakens me
Eating moderately - strengthens me

etc, etc. Maybe asking yourself this question will be a valuable tool for you too.

Of course, I've a 21st on tonight and will be consuming alcohol so yes it'll weaken me but I can cope with that for a day, it's not like I drink every day!

I'm off this morning to see the fabulous Jo Rogers for some posing practice and critique of my physique. She's a straight shooter so I'm really keen for some feedback. And I might even get my bikini or at least a sneak peak!