Saturday, January 31, 2009


Scale weight = down 0.3 to 65.9 kg (shazam! - and that's after a higher day yesterday)

Training = planning on executing a smashing shoulder and ab session in my garage after an energy giving breaky of oats, powder AND honey.

Feeling = I took some photos of my abs first thing this morning and I'm actually feeling a little scared about getting so lean again. My abs were one of the feedback points given after competing last year and although I don't really train them that much I've been doing a little bit here and there to get them to tighten up (especially the lower) and stand out more this year and I think it's working. Together with the fact that I won't have the bloating issues this year. I'm gettin' me abs of steel! Considering I've had 3 babies in there I'm thinking they're not looking too bad now (still with some fat covering) so are going to come up just fine.

On another note, it was really nice to sleep in this morning (I'm now officially unemployed (LOL) till I start at Jetts on the 16th Feb. I had intended on getting up and training first thing but then realised I didn't have to and could have breaky first - how good is that!