Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Couldn't decide what to title this post. Some thoughts:

Making the Move
Opportunities Arise
Tackling Another Challenge
Change is Inevitable
Excited Yet Nervous

I had an interview today with the franchisee of a new gym that is opening in Ashgrove, less than 1 km from where I live. www.jetts.com.au. Nicole alerted me to this just last week. I checked out the website and sent a contact us email enquiring as to whether they were looking for PT's. Got a phone call that night and sent off my resume with photos and a couple of days later received a reply email asking me to come for an interview. The interview was awesome and the vibe I got was what a fabulous club and atmosphere. Apparently, an ad was placed on seek.com to which they received over 100 applications, 12 interviewed and 3 looked ok but what I was told today gave me a real boost. He told me that as soon as they seen my photos they wanted me on board. They could tell I had personality and would be a welcomed part of their team with future potential for growth within the business eg Club Manager. He jokingly said it was the hair that was the give away re my personality. I walked away knowing I was going to take the plunge, came home and rang him tonight to accept.

I'll be sad to leave some of my clients and the morning crowd at Genesis but I also think that this is a really great career move for me. So, the wheels are in motion and another step outside of my comfort zone.