Sunday, January 11, 2009


11 January 2009 - Official Competition Preparation Start Date for INBA Brisbane Titles to be held on 17 May 2009 (18 weeks out)

The Plan - Head straight to 64 kgs and hold there till 12 weeks out then each 3 weeks drop 1 kg. Most probably hit it hard for a week or so then hold till next 3 week period. Progress pics upon reaching 64 kg then every 3 weeks also.

Starting Scale Weight = 69.2 kg (Not real due to dinner and dessert out last night. This is a rise of 2 kg's from Katie's scales yesterday morning) A starting point all the same.

Training = REST day today

Feeling = Great for having a good feed again yesterday. Not at all concerned over the scale number. Know it will come down this week. A little tired and headachey today. Glad it's a rest day as I've so much to do to get ready for the week ahead. Washing, shopping, cooking, emails, planning all on the list. Looking forward to my 3 children coming home tonight. Best get to it.