Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Scale weight = same at 66.9 kg (something's going on)

Training = chest/biceps + 15 mins jogging + 10 mins elliptical with Nicole

Feeling = I've been rock solid with my nutrition and training yet the scales aren't reflecting my dedication as yet. Could I be ovulating since it's two weeks since TOM arrived back? Anyway, I'm not bothered by it. Last season I was stuck around this week for 3 weeks then once I broke through I couldn't stop the bugger so here's hoping the same will happen this year. Still happy this morning with my decision to move on although a little scared about terminating my contract this morning when I go back to work. Hubby headed away this morning for work for a week so it's just me and the kiddies. I've organised my housecleaner to come over at 5 am each morning and sit with the kids till I get home again at 7 am which means if I'm to do any early morning cardio it will have to be at home using my tready and spin bike or circuit style with dumbbells. This can be dangerous like this morning when I turned on the computer as I ended up sitting in front of it till she arrived but knew I'd be doing some after weights anyway. Breaky's down the gutlet now so best go drag my lazy kids out of bed.