Sunday, January 25, 2009


Scale weight = same 67.1 kg (surprise surprise)

Training = 6 am 35 min stair intervals, 8.15 am leg training + cardio with Nicole

Remembering Katie's Lavendar Bay stair session we did and what a great cardio interval session it was I thought I'd shake things up this morning and add something different to the mix. So, I:

walk/jogged to find a set of stairs
23 stairs up, 2 at a time, back down again x 10
run 70 metres, turn around, walk back
up and down again x 10
5 rounds
walk/jog home
heart rate up to and over max each time
sweating like a pig
short, sharp, didn't actually seem that hard, endorphin high!

(Cheree, there's one for ya. Hunter River bridge stairs - good luck!)

However, this may not have been a good idea since Nicole is running the show later and I'm not sure what she's got in store for me. If I don't post tomorrow I'm dead (lol)!

Feeling = Somewhat fabulous! It's truly amazing how exercising first thing in the morning makes you feel. It doesn't have to be much, even a walk, but doing this sets my body and my mind up for an awesome day. I'm enjoying this long weekend, sleeping in past 3 am, although many would still think 5.30 am is early!

Today marks the 16 weeks out from comp. I'm tracking along beautifully and enjoying the journey. Still got 4 weeks to reach my first target of 64 kg. I'd really like to hit the 65's by the end of this week but I refuse to go stupid and increase training (I'm doing more than enough now) or decrease calories (I'm hungry at times now). Will see how this week pans out before making adjustments.

Shar, 1 March is the Sydney Harbour swim Katie and I (and anyone else?) are doing. I'm aiming for the 2 km swim classic.