Friday, January 23, 2009


Scale weight = up 0.1 to 66.5 kg (dickhead!)

Training = 25 minute half arsed effort of a metabolic circuit before work, later chest/biceps with Liz

Feeling = As the title indicates a bit blah. Sick of waking so god damn early every morning (3 am-ish). Couldn't really be too bothered training today. Wondering if I'm depleting again and in need of a re-feed but don't want to turn my calorie deficit into a calorie surplus. Wanted to get through this week and have a higher day on Monday as we are going to a Australia Day bbq at a friends house. It's raining and muggy so maybe it's the weather? Hubby and eldest son probably won't go fishing this arvo now so we might go out for dinner tonight instead of tomorrow night to celebrate one of our "good things" which is a HUGE tax return coming our way. I might just increase my cals slightly today anyway.

Having a few bloating issues. Wondering if it's the creatine? Or it could be any one of the concoction of supplements I take. I'm thinking of having a break from them all for a few days or a week or two and see what gives. I ditched the bean sprouts and dryslaw which has made things a little better but somethings still not quite right.