Sunday, February 1, 2009


Scale weight = up 0.2 to 66.1 kg (you stupid, dumb shit, god damn mother f#@ker)

Training = chest & dunno

Feeling = pissed off! This is what not getting up early does for me! I've tossed and turned and gone back to sleep a million times this morning before finally dragging my arse out of bed at 6.30 am. So now I feel tired and cranky. Was planning on training chest in my garage then putting the kids on their bikes and heading down to the park and thought whilst they play I'll do the stairs and some sprints for my cardio but it's bloody raining so now I don't really want to do anything. I could take the day off training but nah, that's not gonna happen so instead I'll have to use my boring treadmill or perhaps I'll do hill sprints up my driveway. I know I'll get into it once I start. I'm just delaying the inevitable at the moment. Yesterday whilst training shoulders in my garage I had hubby's Offspring cd blaring so I thought my comment to the scales was quite fitting this morning (it's a line out of a song).

Anyway, I'm becoming a bit of a photo slut taking pictures all the time. Will post a different body part every couple of days then at the end piece them all together like a puzzle: