Saturday, January 17, 2009


Scale weight = up 0.1 to 66.8 kg (good on ya *sarcasm*)

Training = early morning 30 min walk (although it was more of a dawdle as I didn't want to expend too much energy as I'm secretly shitting myself about doing RPM later), 8.10 am Hi-Performance RPM

Feeling = A little nervous this morning about participating in RPM (Hi-Performance at that) as I am every Saturday morning. As an ex-RPM instructor I used to absolutely love participating more so than teaching, hence the reason I gave it up but I haven't been doing too many classes lately due to other engagements and my bike fitness leaves a little to be desired. I am however going today to catch up with the other blogger girls (instructor Liz, Fern, Magda, Lisa, Carolyn, not sure who else) but this may be the last time for a while as I really need to get back to my swim training in order to complete the Sydney Harbour swim and Mooloolaba triathlon otherwise I might be the one in the middle with my hand up getting rescued (LOL). Please Liz - don't kill me!

As the title today indicates - I've eaten so many kilos of veges this week I feel like I'm growing into one so today I'm vege-ing out and having pancakes at every meal other than post-workout which is oats and powder. One with peanut butter, two with honey, and one with ice-cream. I'm so excited I'm off to cook the first one soon.

Oh, also yesterday's PT session with Liz was amazing. It was hard! Do you think you can have hate and love in the same workout? There was quite a few "F" words expressed. I had to get mad to get through. Liz said she seen someone else in the gym shaking their head so obviously he thought it was some crazy shit Liz had me doing. Thank God I've only got one more week of this block of training before I get down to some serious training (LOL).

At lunch time today I'm meeting a client of mine (whom Nicole and I call little pocket rocket) to run through her comp prep. Yep, she'll be competing in Novice Figure at INBA and ANB (I think) and she's going to shine like a star and look amazing! Watch this space - I may get to introduce her in the future.